Whether you are screening the latest applications, inviting candidates to interview or preparing job offers, all the information you need can be found within Eploy’s new Application Dialogue. In fact, the Application Dialogue will revolutionise the way you process applicants and manage your recruitment workflow, giving you all the tools, skills and key information in one place.

 Access the Application Dialogue

 You can now access the application dialogue from anywhere you need to deal with applicants, offers or placements. This means that you are never more than a couple of clicks or taps away from seeing all the key information about your applications. Whilst working on a job role, you can access the dialogue by clicking the candidate name – this applies to the Tab view, the Talent Pool and the Pipeline.




Alternatively, you can click into any application date or blue application icon when browsing global lists and candidate records.




Understanding the Application Dialogue

When you open the application dialogue, you will have access to all the key information regarding this application and candidate, including details of any interviews, completed screening forms and submitted CVs. You will also be able to progress this application throughout your recruitment workflow, send email & SMS correspondence, add comments or review activity.




Across the top of the application dialogue, you have quick links for the vacancy details, the company / department the vacancy is for and the main contact associated to the role. Each of these links will open in a new window, so you are able to review your application whilst checking the details of any associated records.



Beneath the quick links, you can access and update the candidate information:

  • The Profile Picture will be shown if the candidate has registered via social media. Alternatively, you can upload a profile picture by hovering over the image.
  • Clicking the Candidate Name will open the full candidate record within a new window.
  • The Star Rating is the application suitability for this role. You can adjust this by selecting the required star.
  • The candidate’s Status is also editable from here, by opening the drop down list.
  • The Maps Icons will allow you to preview where the candidate is based on the map (pinpoint) or the commute from the candidate address to the location of the vacancy (arrow). Both icons will open a new window using Google Maps.
  • Edit will allow you to make changes to either the candidate record or the application record if required.
  • Add is for recording additional notes, telephone calls, correspondence and actions.
  • Contact is for sending emails, SMS or forwarding CVs.
  • The additional menu item will include additional tools, such as Add to Other Role (creates new application), Move to Other Role (moves this application to a different vacancy), Log Me In (takes you to the Candidate Portal for this candidate) or Delete Application.

Further along the tool bar, you have some additional tools:

  • Social Media icons will allow you to quickly search LinkedIn and Facebook, or load any other weblinks that are saved against the candidate record.
  • Within the Links drop down list, you can choose to add new links or search social networks.


  • The CV icon shows whether the CV has been sent or not – if the CV has been sent you will be able to see the date that it was forwarded to the contact / hiring manager. This icon is not shown if there is no CV saved within the Candidate’s profile
  • The Correspondence icon is a summary of the contacted state of this application. This will display whether there is any automated email scheduled / has been set to the candidate, or if an email is required to be sent manually.
  • Applications will detail any other applications this candidate has made, showing whether they are still active or have been terminated.


As you move down through the application dialogue, the left hand column includes the application stage summary. Depending where in the workflow this candidate currently sits, this column will give you access to:

  • Application details, such as stage, status and application date.
  • Action or Interview details, including date, completion status and outcome (if applicable).


  • Placement or Offer Details, including onboarding stages.
  • Completed Application Assessment or Feedback Forms, including access to grades, scores and responses.


 Candidate Overview

 Within the centre of the Application Dialogue, you have access to the Candidate Overview. This is where you can fully customise your layout to show key information that you need to see. Use the layout option on the right hand side to open the layout manager, where you can drag and drop fields as required.


As part of the overview, you can also choose to include the candidate skills and employment history. The benefit of doing this is that if any of the skills / positions / employers are skills against the job they have applied for, they will be highlighted in yellow, allowing you to instantly see all the key qualifications and attributes that makes your candidate great.

Based on the skills assigned to both the candidate and the vacancy, you also benefit from the Candidate / CV Match %. This is the percentage of skills found on the candidate record (candidate match) or candidate CV document (CV match) that the vacancy is looking for. This should help you quickly screen and identify the most suitable applicants.

Aside from the overview, you can also change your view to see all other key information regarding the application:

  • Application Form – this section gives you access to the application form submitted by the candidate. This will include any application specific questions completed by the candidate when they apply through your candidate portal.


  • Candidate CV – This tab is the quick view of the CV document, where any skills that are required by the vacancy will be highlighted in yellow. This gives you instant access to all the information provided by the candidate within their CV, without having to download the document / open it in third party apps.


  • Admin CV – The admin CV tab previews any existing admin CV’s for this candidate, used for forwarding CVs to hiring managers. If the candidate does not have an Admin CV, you can create a new document here from any existing templates.
  • Files – Within the files tab, you can access any files, CVs or documents uploaded against the candidate record. This is where you can review passport scans, right to work certificates or any other material provided by the candidate as they apply. You will also be able to upload new documents, create / send eSignature docs or filter historical uploads by file type.


  • Comments – The comments tab will allow you add any additional notes to the application, which can be particularly useful for providing feedback, reasons for rejection or if these records will be screened by multiple people. When you add a comment you can then review them within the activity tab, or see them stored as notes within the candidate record.


  • Activity – This tab is your complete admin trail for this application. Every comment, correspondence or status change is shown within the activity tab, meaning you can see exactly when candidates were contacted, who moved them through the workflow and any notes added.


 Process Menu

 Down the right hand column of the application dialogue, you have access to the process menu. This is where you can choose to proceed or reject your applicants, as well as move them to the next stage of the process. The options available here will be determined by your application workflow settings so can be used to ensure applicants complete every required stage, or give your team the flexibility to move applicants through the workflow.


When selecting to Update Status or proceed with Next Steps, you will be able to either choose a new status for this applicant or choose whether to create an action now or later.

Using these settings within the Application Dialogue, along with the Workflow Pipeline, you will have complete control of your entire recruitment process, including instant access to key information, easy to use processes and workflow automation.

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