Over time, your recruitment practices will evolve, potentially meaning that your existing Recruitment Workflows are no longer fit for purpose.  Of course, you could always amend your existing workflows to match your new requirements, but it can be simpler to create a new workflow, move your existing live Vacancies to this new workflow, and deactivate the workflow you are replacing.

Eploy’s Workflow Migration tool allows you to do just that – this tool will help you map your candidates from each stage of the current workflow on to the newly assigned one, giving you complete visibility of contact status and historical activity.

Change Vacancy Workflow

To begin using the Workflow Migration tool, access the Vacancy you wish to move and open the Details tab - here you will be able to see the assigned workflow.

To change the workflow, click Change Workflow.

Note: you only need to use the Workflow Migration tool for Vacancies which have been applied to - if you're changing the workflow of a vacancy which has no applications, you simply need to select the new workflow from the Recruitment Workflow drop down list.


Clicking Change Workflow opens the migration tool in a pop-up window.  Select the workflow you want to move the vacancy to and click Continue.


Eploy will now attempt to match the stages of your current workflow with those of the new workflow. This will be based on the workflow stages and statuses specified within each workflow.


The tool will show you how many candidates are at each stage of your current workflow, as well as the proposed destination stage of the new workflow. If any of the stages that have been auto matched are incorrect, you can change the destination workflow stage by selecting from the drop down list.

Once you are happy with the selections, select Continue to complete the migration. All applicants at each stage of your current workflow will now show within the specified destination stage of your new workflow.

Note – Once migrated, this cannot be undone. Whilst the workflow can be changed by repeating these steps, if any of the stages are moved to the wrong point of the process, you will need to manually move them individually.


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