For Hiring Managers, the process could not be simpler to outline their availability, create an interview schedule and even invite candidates to self-select their preferred interview slot.

Within the Hiring Manager Portal

Within the hiring manager portal, your hiring managers can now outline their entire interview schedule, simply by clicking into Slots on the left hand menu.


This will allow the Hiring Manager to create new interview slots, access any currently available and review their Day Planner.

Day Planner

This new feature is where your hiring teams can view the slots that are currently available, make existing slots active or terminate / delete slots which are no longer required:

  • Create Slots – This will open the configuration window, where Hiring Managers will be able to create any new slots for different action types and vacancies.
  • View Slots – This view will allow you to filter for different action types, giving quick access to the different types of interview slot available.
  • Delete All – If the slots in your view are no longer required, Delete All will allow you to remove all from your day planner.

Note – Deleted slots cannot be recovered, so they would need to be recreated.


  • Activate Slot – Slots show in green will be active and therefore available to any candidates at the appropriate stage of the recruitment workflow. You can toggle the slot from active to inactive; any shown in red will be inactive and therefore not available to candidates to select.

Creating Interview Slots

By giving the Hiring Managers the chance to create their own interview slots, you now have the chance to reduce the back and forth of organising times by giving them full control over their own diary, and scheduling around their own requirements.

When clicking the Create Slots button in the Day Planner, hiring managers will see a new configuration window where they can outline their availability throughout the day:

  • Create Slots – This setting allows you to create either single or multiple slots. If creating multiple, the form shows additional settings.
  • Start Date – This should be the date and time of the first slot you wish to create.
  • End Date – This will allow you to create events that last more than one day.
  • City (Time Zone) – This setting is for creating slots to take place internationally – the date and time will update to the selected time zone.


If Multiple:

  • Create Slots From – This will be the first slot in the series of staggered interview slots.
  • of candidates to assign to each slot – For individual interviews, this should be set to 1, whilst assigning multiple candidates will create multiple individual slots (one for each candidate to assign).

For example, if you wish to assign 3 candidates for each slot, the schedule will create 3 slots for the same date and time. This can be effective for assessment centres or group interviews.


  • of sessions for this day (for assessment centres, enter 1) – This will dictate how many staggered sessions are created throughout the day.
  • Slot Length – This is how long each interview slot is to last, broken down to hours and minutes.
  • Break between Slots (Minutes) – When creating staggered interview slots, this will add additional breaks between each slot, giving time for reflection and feedback between each session.
  • Slot Schedule – This will show you a preview of the schedule / day planner. Adjust the settings above until the schedule is correct.

Slot Details (Single & Multiple Slots)

Now that the schedule has been set, you just need to confirm the slot details, such as location, interview type and assigned vacancies:

  • Slot Action Types – This will default to the stage of the workflow where the slots are being created. You can add additional action stages to this if you want these slots to be available throughout the workflow.
  • Slot Vacancies – This will default to the vacancy that you are working on, but will allow you to add additional vacancies. By assigning multiple vacancies, these slots will be available for those roles until filled by one candidate on one vacancy.


  • Location – If the interview is going to be in an alternative office or location outside of the office, you can enter the location where the interview will take place.
  • Other Attendees – This free text box will allow you to detail if anyone else within your database will be part of the slot, even if they are not a hiring manager 
  • Allow candidates to select this slot – This will make the slot active and available for candidates who reach the assigned stages on the assigned vacancies. If you do not want to make these slots immediately available, you can leave this unticked until you are ready. This can be particularly useful if you are setting up your availability at the start of the recruitment process, but are not ready to commit candidates to each stage.

Once you click save, the slots will be created based on your settings. This will then display those slots within the Manage Slots window, with all available slots shown in green. Any slots that are inactive will be shown in red and will allow you to toggle them between active / inactive.


Allocating Interview Slots

Once the slots have been created and made available across the relevant action stages / vacancies, the hiring manager can either choose to assign candidates to a slot or invite candidates to select their own preferred slot.

Note – Both of these methods are dependent on your recruitment workflow and the settings / permissions dictated as such. If the functionality below is not available in your hiring manager portal, please check configuration of your application workflow through an admin user or contact the Eploy Support Team.

Assigning Candidates

To assign a candidate to an available slot, the candidate needs to be progressed to the correct stage of the workflow or sat within the Arranging section of the stage with the available interview slots.


  • If progressing the candidate from a previous stage of the workflow, the hiring manager will be able to Select Slot when attempting to create the action, rather than selecting Create Action Now or Create Action Later.


  • This will then show the available slots for that vacancy and that stage of the process. The hiring manager will then be able to select the preferred slot, which will be assigned to the candidate. If confirmation is required from the candidate, ticking this option will allow the candidate to confirm the slot within the candidate portal.


Note – If, when attempting to assign a slot to a candidate, there are no slots available, the Hiring Manager will be able to select Manage Slots. This will allow them to create new slots for their workflow.

Inviting Candidates to Select Slot

Rather than choosing a slot for each individual applicant, you can invite candidates to self-select. This process involves moving the candidate to the correct stage of the workflow, but not assigning an action. This can be done using the Create Action Later option.

Once a candidate has been moved to this stage, they will then sit within the Arranging section of the workflow. This means that if a candidate logs into the portal, they will be able to select any Slot that meets the following criteria:

  • Assigned to the vacancy they have applied for.
  • Assigned to the action / workflow stage that they have reached.
  • Not currently assigned to any other applicant.
  • Marked as available within the Day Planner.

At this stage of the process, you can also track to see which candidates have been invited to choose their own slot, within the contact summary.


Within the contact summary, you will be able to see if any emails have been scheduled to be sent to candidates or if any are queued up to be sent.

If your workflow is not configured to automatically contact candidates, the hiring manager will be able to do so through the portal. To do this, simply click Contact Candidates. This will open the mail merge feature, where Hiring Managers can load email templates, include merge fields and direct candidates to the candidate portal.

Note – If you do not have a candidate portal, you can still invite candidates to select their own interview slot. There is a merge field available called Confirm Interview / Select Slot URL (Company Website) where the recipient will be able to click a link and then select from the available slots.


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