New Eploy Technologies

Recruitment Workflows

Now you can create as many recruitment workflows as your business needs.

Create workflows for specific roles, role types or any other process. Each workflow process can include any number of stages – and each stage can be configured entirely to your way of working - including notifications, hiring manager permissions and user transitions - which combine to ensure you remain in total control of ‘what happens next’ and ‘who can do what’ as candidates progress through your process stages.


Recruitment Pipelines

Get a better view of your recruitment with Eploy’s Recruitment Pipelines. It’s a drag-and-drop interface that helps recruiters instantly see the bigger picture and dive into the detail. ‘Candidate Cards’ provide a summary of the application and sorted into Stage Lists. Click on a Candidate Card to see their full Application Dialogue, and drag cards to the next stage to progress them. Your Pipelines are instantly created for every job and are controlled by your Recruitment Workflows; you can even view multiple jobs in the same pipeline view for maximum recruiting efficiency!


The Application Dialogue

The Application Dialogue provides the complete view that you need to provide stellar service to your candidates. You can open a Candidate’s Application Dialogue from anywhere in Eploy – including Recruitment Pipelines - and instantly have access to all the key information regarding the candidate and their application, including details of any interviews, completed screening forms and submitted CVs. You will also be able to progress this application throughout your recruitment workflow, send email & SMS correspondence, add comments and review activity.

Workflow Migration Tool

The new workflow system allows you to move vacancies from one workflow to another. This includes the ability to move any candidates currently sitting within a stage of the original workflow to your preferred stage (including Action stages) of your chosen workflow.


Email & System Event Notifications

You can now manage all of your templates for candidate notifications directly within Eploy – including the ability to define automation rules - such as at which workflow stages the notification should be sent. When creating or editing your templates you can also chose how they should be sent - as Email, SMS or both.


Major Enhancements

Unified Email & SMS Communications

We’ve completely overhauled the Email & SMS Marketing tool to make your mass communications even better! You can now:

  • Associate an SMS template with an Email template

for unified communications

  • Attach Calendar files
  • Track email opens & click-throughs
  • Request Delivery & Read Receipts
  • Send with High Importance
  • Send copies to relevant people

...and more!


We’ve integrated the SMS tool with the Email Marketing tool, opening up a wealth of new possibilities. You can associate an SMS template with an Email template for unified communications – this means you can send someone an SMS, an Email or both at the same time.

For example:

  • Workflow & Automation Emails can also be sent by SMS. Use this feature to send interview confirmation links that candidates can confirm instantly
  • Careers Site Interaction Notifications – Send a candidate an SMS as soon as they register or apply for a role on your careers site

  • Vacancy & Placement Authorisations – Send requests for job requisition approvals by text

  • E-Signature documents – send links to your electronically signable Offer documents by SMS

Hiring Manager Portal*

We’ve made some big improvements to Eploy’s Hiring Manager Portal so that it works seamlessly with the new Recruitment Workflows. New features in the portal include:

Process Side Bar

The new Side Bar provides Hiring Manager access to ONLY the tools you have allowed them to access as defined in your Recruitment Workflow process. This means you can completely control how Hiring Managers can work with candidates within their active jobs, including updating application statuses; creating & assigning interviews; providing feedback & comments and even creating Offer Requests. The Portal enables Hiring Managers to update candidates en masse at all stages of their process.


Contact Summary

A new pop-up summary provides an instant overview of which candidates have been contacted and which ones need contacting. The summary also identifies the types of candidates – ‘External’, ‘Agency’, ‘Previous Employee’ and ‘Internal’, as well as scheduled emails sent as part of a workflow automation.

Slots & Availability


We’ve overhauled the interview scheduling tool to make it both more flexible and easier to use. Interview Slots can now be added across any vacancies and workflow stages and we’ve made it even easier to invite candidates to choose their preferred slot. Candidates can now confirm their slots even outside of the Candidate Portal since now you can email unique links to your candidates which they can click to confirm or decline their availability. Hiring Managers can also access the improved interview scheduling tool through their portal and also have access to a Day Planner - giving them an at-a-glance overview of their slots, and availability. We’ve also added new fields to Slots & Actions - including Subject, Location and Other Attendees.


General Improvements

User Avatars

All Eploy Users can now upload their own avatar which will appear on opportunities, drop down lists and other areas of the system where user details are displayed.



We’ve improved the Opportunities Pipeline tool to give you greater visibility and flexibility. New tools allow you to:

  • Move an opportunity from one pipeline to another
  • Rate and filter opportunities based on how ‘hot’ they are
  • Create your own statuses such as “Won”, “Lost” or “Open” to help manage your pipeline
  • Mark opportunities as ‘On-Hold’ if there is a delay or setback
  • Easily filter opportunities by User, Outcome & Rating as well as retaining the Advanced Filter for more complex filtering


Drop-Down List Archiving

You can now archive any redundant options in many more of your drop-down lists including Vacancy Status; Positions; Industries; Locations; Business Areas, Sources (and Source details); Action Types; Action Outcomes; Application Status; Candidate Status and more.

Timezone Options for Candidates

You can now set the appropriate timezone for each candidate. This helps with time-based activities such as interview scheduling and actions - particularly when working with international candidates and vacancies.

Metrics Improvements:

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to help you get even more out of Eploy’s Dashboards & Metrics including:

Application Metrics

Metrics can now be created to create dashboard widgets that display a complete live representation of your application workflow stages using the new workflow engine. New options allow you to Group By and Filter based on:

  • Workflow
  • Workflow Stage
  • Stage Type with Arranging/Complete
  • Arranging/Complete (without Action outcomes)
  • Contacted States
  • CV Sent
  • Status Type

In addition, you can Group By:

  • Stage Type and Sub-Stage (with action outcomes)
  • Sub-stages (with Action Outcomes)

Candidate Metrics

You can now display Candidate Metrics in dashboards that are Grouped By and Filtered based on Candidate Types.

Export Metrics (Candidate, placements, timesheets)

Create metrics that can display details of candidate, placement and timesheet exports on your dashboards.

Copy Metric

You can now ‘clone’ metrics using the Copy Metric function - this is really useful if you need to create multiple, similar metrics that have minor changes in their filter settings.

Edit Metric via Widget

You can now access a metric’s settings directly from a dashboard widget that is using the metric - really useful if you need to make a quick change to the metric.


Reports Improvements:

We’ve upgraded key management reports within Eploy to specifically take advantage of the new workflow engine this includes: Time to Hire Report - making it easier to measure, for example, Time at Stage. The Vacancy Tracker and Candidate Tracker reports have also been upgraded,

Salary Picker in HM Portal

You can now create and manage Salary Bands within Eploy and make them available for selecting within the hiring manager portal. So now you can create a pay / salary band, assign it to a vacancy so that when a ‘Request to Off er’ is created you can choose the correct salary from the band.

UI Improvement: Record Pickers

Across the Eploy interface you’ll now find our new ‘Record Picker’ - it’s drop down lists on steroids! This is a huge time-saver when selecting items from lengthy lists – like selecting a vacancy. As well as as having an improved search, the new picker automatically sorts items based on recent activity and whether they are assigned to you.


Drop-Down List Import Tool

This new tool allows you to import items into your drop-down lists.

Data Import Tool

The Import Tool has been upgraded so that it can now import users as well as companies and contacts. As well as creating records, the Import Tool now supports record updating with improved record matching and support for Eploy record IDs and External IDs. The Import Tool supports both CSV and XML file formats.


The Eploy API offers developers all of the features of the Data Import Tool and the Drop-down Lists Import Tool - so you can configure integrations that can create and update contacts, companies and populate dropdown lists within the system.

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