Any of the application or feedback forms can be manually graded, rather than automatically scored based on the outcome of each question.

To do this, set the option to manually grade whilst configuring the form template – the scoring need to be enabled, then the How To Grade Form option should be set to Grade Manually.

This will then allow you to choose the grade type, as well as specifically which grades to include. Check the box for each grade to use and then, once the form has been completed by a candidate or contact, you will be able to assign a grade based on the responses.

This is particularly useful for when your form questions are free text based, where auto-scoring is not available.

Setting the Grade

Once the form has been completed, either by the user or the respondent, you can assign the grade by clicking into the form. When viewing the responses, the option to Set Grade will be in the top right hand corner. Once clicked, this will allow you to choose the correct grade as required.


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