Monitoring Responses

There are three ways of viewing the responses to Application Screening forms:

  • Against the master template, available within View – Application Screening Forms – Responses. This brings all the application screening forms together, to allow you to review quickly per vacancy. By clicking into each one, you can see the questions asked, responses given and statistics provided.

  • Within each vacancy summary, within the Application Screening quick view tab. This will show responses for that vacancy only.

  • Within the vacancy workflow, within the screening column. Here, you can click into the grade to see that candidates responses, as well as then expanding into the responses and statistics for the whole response population.

Understanding Responses

When viewing the responses, this can be broken down per person, per answer or per screening form. When you click into the responses tab of the form, you will see each respondent in the left hand column. This allows you to look at each person individually and work through the responses provided.

For each person, you can see the score and grade achieved in the left hand column as well as the top right hand corner. You then get a breakdown to see their response to each question, how they scored on that question and how they compare to other respondents within View Stats. This allows you to see how they fared in direct comparison with other applicants applying for the same role:

This is available on every response for every question, from every respondent.

Understanding Statistics

The statistics tab shows the responses in a different format – allowing you to assess the success of the application screening form as a whole and the information gathered with each question & response.


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