Regardless of which type of Form you are building, the process is always the same:

1. Creating the form
2. Setting calculations and grade scoring mechanisms
3. Build questions and responses.

In practice, please follow the steps below to start building your forms:

  • Select the required module from View on the Eploymenu.
  • This will allow you to see existing forms, or create a new one by clicking New on the Eploy toolbar.
  • After clicking New, you will be required to set the Form Details, such as Title, Description and scoring mechanism.

  • Title – This is the name of the form and will appear within the drop down list when trying to load the form template against records. By giving the form a clear title, it will make it easier for users to select whilst working.
  • Description – This field allows you to add additional details about this form and the information you are trying to collect. This will also make it clear to any users exactly what this form should be used for.
  • Active – An inactive form cannot be selected against records, so keep the form inactive until you have finished building the questions and are happy with the template. You can also use this option to archive historic forms, so that users cannot select them going forward, but you can still access the responses and analysis stored within.
  • Form Type – The form type will determine where this particular form is available for use. This can be set to Candidate, Candidate Linked With Vacancy and Contact Feedback / Assessment.

Note: Form Type only applies to Feedback & Assessment Forms.

  • Show to Hiring Managers - This checkbox will allow you to share the results of the screening form to your hiring managers. Once ticked,  you can then determine if they have access to Grades & Scores or Statistics, or both.


The next section – Score & Grade Form – allows you to determine how to score or grade the responses, or even give you the option apply a manual grade.

  • Enable Scoring – The options here are to either apply no scoring or to grade automatically. If No Scoring is selected, you would be able to view the responses for each form completed, but not apply a grade or rank. If Calculated is set, you are able to give each question a value and a score will be generated based on each response given. The score / grade will not be shown to those who complete the form. Only users will be able to access sores / grades.

How to Grade A Form – This field controls how the grade is applied and gives you three options:

  • Grade by Questionnaire Score – this will assign a grade based on the total score received on the form.
  • Set to Lowest Question Grade – this option is for setting up killer or knockout questions, where the responder’s grade will be determined by their lowest scoring answer.
  • Grade Manually – This option will still generate a score, but will allow you to assign a grade based on the responses. For example, if all the questions on the form are free text or essay based, automatic scoring cannot be applied so Grade Manually would be the best option.

Note: For more information on Manual Scoring, please see the Manual Scoring guide.

Once the grade mechanism is set, you can then choose from the Grade Types available. These include; Traffic Light (RAG System); Pass / Fail, Stars, or Alphabetical.

The benefit of the standard grade types is that you are then able to see the grade icons within the responses and (if against a vacancy) within the recruitment workflow (Application Screening Forms only). However, within Admin – Drop Down Lists, you can create your own grade types if required.

Once the grade type has been set, you can then align the scoring for each grade. As well as setting the score, you can also automatically update the candidate status based on the grade assigned. For example, if using the Pass / Fail grade type, you may want to change the candidate status to Actively Looking for pass, whilst those who fail as Not Required.

Note: The auto update of Candidate Statuses only applies to Feedback & Assessment Forms.

In the example above, any candidate who scored 50 or higher would have their status automatically updated to Actively Looking, whilst those who scored between 0 – 49 would be set to Not Required.

Once each of the settings has been configured, you can click Save to create the form. Once Saved, the form will added to the list of existing forms and can be edited by clicking into the form title.

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