There are two ways to complete the Feedback Forms within the candidate or contact record; either by emailing the link or by completing the form over the phone. Both methods would involve first loading the template within the record first.

Within the record, on the quick select tool bar, you will be able to access the Feedback & Assessment tab. This will give you access to all feedback forms that this record has completed previously, so that you can access any responses and analyse the statistics. You would also load an existing template here, using either Complete Form or Send Form.

Complete Form

This option is for when you will be running through the form / questions whilst on the phone with the candidate or contact. When you select Complete Form, the configuration window will allow you to set the form type – whether its linked to a vacancy or not – before selecting the vacancy (if required) and determining which form template will be used.

Note: When linking a form to a vacancy, it will show the results of that form within the vacancy record. The results / scoring will not be displayed within the vacancy workflow. For results displaying within the workflow, please see Loading Application Forms within Vacancies.

From clicking Confirm, you will then be presented with the questions & response boxes which can be filled in by the user. Once complete, you can click Save. This will log the responses against that candidate. After the responses have been saved, you will then have instant access to any other responses, statistics and the form details.

Send Form

After selecting Send Form, you will need to select the Form Type, the Form and the linked Vacancy (if required). You can also set up a notification for any users, who will receive an email once the candidate has completed the form online. To do this, simply tick the checkbox and then select the required users from the drop down list.

Once this has been configured as required, you can then select Generate Link. This will then show you the unique URL for this form for this candidate. This link can then be sent through Eploy or externally but should only be used for this candidate only.

As each form is created uniquely for each candidate, each recipient needs to have their own link generated (by following the process above). This is to ensure that the correct responses are stored against each record and also means that the candidate does not need to log in / sign up in order to complete the form.

To send the link through Eploy, simply copy the link, click Finish and then use the Mail Merge facilities to send the information to the candidate / contact. The benefit of sending the link through Eploy is that the email will be linked to the recipient as a correspondence record.

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