Now that the forms have been built and the questions added (and previewed!), you can begin to assign them to records. For Application Screening forms, this can be done within the vacancy record, by switching to the Application Screening quick-view tab within the summary.

This section will actually allow you to create a new form at this stage, if you have a bespoke form that suits this vacancy only. However, we would recommend creating it as a template first so that it can be useful in the future for other similar roles.

To create a new form, click the New Form button and follow the steps detailed within Building New Forms.

To load from a template, select that option and you will be able to configure the template for this role specifically. Simply select the template from the drop down list and then Load.

This will then load the Application Screening Form against this vacancy and open the form to allow you to review the existing questions / make any changes. Any changes made here WILL NOT affect the master template, so if you are making changes for this role specifically, you can do so without affecting the original. This also means that you will have to make the change to template if you wanted it to affect any other application screening processes going forward.

Once you are happy with the application screening form, you will need to activate it against the vacancy – you can do this by clicking into the Details tab and ticking the checkbox for Active.

Any forms that are loaded will be set to inactive as default, until you confirm that the form is ready to go live and therefore Active.

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