Any files you already have saved to Eploy will now be editable using the document editor. This includes text files such as offer letters and contracts or candidate information within candidate & Admin CVs. To do this, simply find the document on Eploy and you will see the following options:

  • Title – This is how to access the document properties and should not be confused with the Document Name, which is the name of the saved file. Within the properties, you can see who created the doc, the current file type and when it was last edited.

  • Preview – this will open the document in a preview window, allowing you to quickly see the contents without having to open the editor or download the document.

Note: Any images within the document will not be shown within the preview, allowing you quickly access the content. To confirm the alignment of images etc, please click the Edit option.

  • Edit – This will open your document within the Document Editor, allowing you to make any changes, upload new versions or insert merge fields if required.
  • Download – This will instantly download the document for you, allowing to you use outside of Eploy.
  • Upload – This will allow you to over-write the existing document, if you have updated terms & conditions or a new copy of the CV.

You will also be able to see the signed status of the document, the last modified date and the creation date, so that you can quickly determine exactly which document you need to edit / download / forward on.

Anywhere that you can manage files within Eploy, within Files tabs of Companies, Contacts, Candidates or Placements for example, you will also see some new icons on the Eploy toolbar:

  • Upload – This will allow you to upload a new document directly onto Eploy, bypassing the editor. This should be used for storing files that wouldn’t need to be manipulated or edited by the user.
  • Create Document – This will allow you to create a new document based on one of your existing templates, merging information from the template within this record to create offer letters, admin CVs, T&Cs or coversheets. When you click Create Document, you are also able to give the file a name & set the extension type required.
  • Create e-Signature Document – This option is to create e-Signable documents and prepare to send them through the system. These will be based on any e-Signature templates that you have created and will incur a cost for sending. Please see our guide on e-Signable Documents for more information.

For editing content, please see Working Within the Document Editor.

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