As part of your Eploy system, you have access to several additional features that may require an additional cost or credit to be purchased. This works on a pay as you go basis and would apply when making the most of the SMS sending function or when generating eSignature documents, for example.

We have now made it even easier to utilise these features, by introducing a Purchase Credit interface. To use this, you need to first ensure that your user has permission (and that you have permission to purchase credit internally!).

Managing Credit Permissions

Any admin user will be able to restrict which other users are able to purchase credit within your system. We strongly recommend that you only give permission to those who are authorised to purchase credit on behalf of your company. There are no refunds available for inadvertently purchased credit, so please take the upmost caution when issuing this permission and when purchasing credit.

To manage the permissions, select Admin – Users from the Eploymenu. This will then allow you to click into each user, switch to the general permissions tab and update the required permission:

Purchasing Credit

Once your user has permission to purchase credit, this option is available within the Support Centre on the Eploymenu. 

This will then confirm how much credit you currently have, request additional credit and declare that you are able to purchase credit on behalf of your company:

Note: You can purchase up to £500 worth of credit at any time, with a minimum spend of £20. Purchasing Credit will generate an invoice for the purchased amount.

Once credit has been purchased, it will be added to your account immediately.


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