The following article details the best practice when adding images into an email or email signature. Following this process will ensure that images are displayed correctly and remain within the email body - Rather than being sent as attachments.

  • Click on the Attach Image Files link (See below)

  • Click Select within the File Upload window to Browse for Images on your PC
  • Select the Image file that you want to display and click on the Open button

*Ensure that the Image File Name contains no spaces or special characters i.e.: % !£_ etc.

  • The browser will then upload the file and display a Tick in green circle when finished
  • Then Click Upload File 

  • The Image file name will then be displayed against Attach Image Files link 
  • Place the Cursor where you would like to Insert the image within the Content Window then Click on the Insert link

  • The page will then refresh displaying the newly inserted image

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