The quick link social search functionality in Eploy allows users to quickly and easily find additional information about their candidates & contact records, utilising information stored online with a Google Search.

Search on LinkedIn based on first name, surname & most recent position or find a Facebook profile based on name & location; this tool will allow quick access to any matching social media profiles. The main benefit of this is one click access to all the public information posted online, applying to candidates, contacts & companies.

Using the social Search Quick Links

The Social Search Quick Links can be found in the info bar of the record.

Click the desired Social Search icon to load the search directly to the chosen site

The corresponding site will load in a new tab on your browser

If an exact match is not found, all potentially matching records will be displayed. This helps you to ensure you are accessing the right profiles on each social media account.

Saving Links in Eploy

Once the profile of choice has been found, you will need to save the link against the record in Eploy.

To save a link, first copy the URL of the profile from the browser address bar.

Back within Eploy, click the Links option on the info bar

Add New will generate a pop up window.

The title should be the social media site that the profile is for, then paste the link into the URL field; e.g. a LinkedIn profile should be saved with LinkedIn as the title.

Apply will then save the link against the search icon.

Note: One link can be saved for each search icon.

Continue to save other links against the record in the same way. This can also be done for URLs that are not shown with an icon.

All saved links will then be listed under the Links menu. The link can be amended or removed as required.

Updating links

There may be cases where a link needs to be changed or updated.

To make changes to a saved Social Search link:

Click the Links option

Select the pencil icon beside the link to be updated, before pasting the new URL into the URL field and amending the title as appropriate.

Adding Extra Links

Although only one link can be saved for each Social Search Quick Link icon within the record, multiple links can be saved against a record from these sites as well as from other unrelated websites.

The first link saved will be saved against the icon so that any time the icon is clicked, the user will be re-directed to the corresponding web page.


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