Notify is a tool with Eploy that will allow you to alert anyone selected in the relationship of an action. This is particularly useful when creating actions, where Eploy can alert the User listed against the vacancy and any additional users that you wish to add.

Whilst creating an action, or whilst making amendments to actions, you will be able to select a time frame for your notifications and who you notify. These can be found in the first section of the action record;

You will be able to add additional users to the action, who will be notified if that your selection. Use the ADD/REMOVE record pickers to update the users listed. Using the drop down box Notify, you can select when you would like the notification to be sent I.E. 30mins prior, 1 hour prior, 1day prior etc. If selected, the check box Notify by Email will send an email to the address listed with each user record. In an Interview action, for example, you may want to add whoever will be conducting the interview to the list, if they are not already linked to the vacancy.

At the bottom of the page, there is also an option to Notify Users as an action button;

Selecting that option will open a new window;

Within the new window, you can select which users are notified by selecting either ‘Notify Me’ or ‘Notify All.’ You can also choose whether to send the action comments, which are edited within the action record. You can also amend when the notification is sent to the user, using the drop down box.

Note: If the time is set for before the current time (i.e in the past) then no notification is sent. You need to ensure that the start time of the action is in the future and there is sufficient time for the notification to be sent.  

Click Send and use the confirmation box to send the notifications.

Action Reminders

Once you have assigned your notifications, they will be sent out depending on the preferences you have set.

The non -emailed version of the notification will look like this;

You will have the option to snooze or dismiss the reminder.

Email Notifications

If you have selected to receive the email notification, you will receive an email from Note: You may need to add to your contacts, as it may be sent straight to a junk/spam folder.  Once you have received the email, it will appear like this;

Clicking on the action/attachment will schedule an event in your calendar – Ensuring that the action is not forgotten.

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