The Export to CSV function will allow you to extract field data from your Eploy records into Excel. This is particularly useful for reporting purposes and for contacting records outside of the Eploy System.


For data protection purposes, a user will require permission to perform an Export to CSV. This can be provided by an admin user, who will be able to amend the permissions within the User Record.

CSV File

Once the relevant permissions have been granted, you need to filter for the records you wish to export. This may be candidates that have agreed to receive regular mailings or contacts with specific needs. Please note: You can only export a maximum of 2000 records at one time.

Once you have your record list, select Mail Marge from the main menu tool bar. On the new screen, ensure that Merge to Candidates is selected at the top of the page and then use the Select All button at the bottom of the page. You can also use the drop down box to extract the information in batches of 2000 records - This is an effective method of keeping track of which records you have extracted.

As we are extracting the information into a CSV file, we need to then choose Merge to document. This will prompt a new screen, with several different options to update. Ensure that the Merge To: field is set to CSV and the Save Copy As:  is set to Do not save a Copy. The delimiter needs to be set as ‘,’ and Include Field Name tick box needs to be checked. These are the default settings for these fields, but it is recommended that the preferences are checked. Click Next to continue.

The next stage is to store an action and correspondence. To do this, fill in the fields as required. If you do not wish to store an action or correspondence, click Next without checking the tick boxes at the top of page. Finally, when you are ready to download the CSV file, click Apply.  This will then trigger the download. Save the download with a memorable title, in a convenient place.

Open in Excel

Now that the CSV file has been downloaded; In order to read the data, we need to open the Excel document. Once in Excel, select the ‘Data’ tab from the main menu tool bar and then From Text on the subsequent submenu. Now you need to locate the downloaded CSV file to import into the spreadsheet document. This will then trigger the Text import Wizard.

The default settings should match the settings of the downloaded file. Ensure that the file type is set to delimited and click next.  On Step 2 of the Import Wizard, check ‘Tab’ and ‘Commas’ as the delimiters and click next again. Finally, select finish on the third step and select where on the document you would like to place the information.

The exported record information will then be displayed within the Excel document.

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