Thanks to Eploy’s fantastic ready to use Job board integrations, it is simple to not only post vacancies to multiple job board at once; it is also easy to track the source of your applications. Are you interested in which job boards provide the most applications? More importantly, which job boards provide the most quality candidates, who go on to be interviewed, assessed, and placed? By making the most of Eploy’s application tracking, you can easily access, report on & extract this key recruitment data.

Job Board Ad-Couriers

The first step is to choose your Ad-Courier. There are four ready to use integrations set up by Eploy, but all work in the same way and require the same information. Once you have contacted and signed up with your chosen provider, please provide the account login details for each Eploy user. Then, we can establish the integration and allow you to post your vacancies through the provider of your choice, onto your preferred job boards.





When setting up your account with the ad-courier, there will be various settings & decisions made regarding how you wish the process to work. One key setting, in relation to Eploy, is how the applications from the various job boards are returned to you and how they are processed in to Eploy.

Via Email

All job boards will be able to return applications via email. The email address just needs to be provided to the ad-courier, who will then automatically forward any response to this address. The ad-courier may provide an internal CV management portal, allowing you access the applications from there, but these can easily be forwarded to into Eploy.

Once you have received your applications or forwarded them from the CV management portal, you can then pass these through Eploy via the CV import mailbox. This mailbox is set up to allow you to import & extract CVs, attach files to candidates and automatically create applications.

If you are unsure of your CV import mailbox address, please contact Eploy support.

When forwarding the CV to the import mailbox, the most important thing is the subject of the email. The reason for this is that Eploy is set up to assign the correct source and create an application if vacancy ID number is present.

Depending on which ad-courier you decide to go with, the subject will be returned slightly differently;

JobMate – Email Applications received from JobMate will be returned with the following subject –


As the job reference number is included, we can automatically create applications within Eploy. The name of the job board can then be used as our search string to match with; meaning the application source – How did you hear about us? + Which One? – is automatically detected, recorded and can measured.

Broadbean - [jobref]/[subject] from [nice_board_name] – This format matches will work with Eploy in the same way, it is contains the job reference number and the job board name.

Idibu – This ad-courier requires that you choose the standard format. They recommend one of the following;

  • Custom format #1 - Job Type (P/C/T) / Title / Reference / Sender / Portal
  • Custom format #2 - Reference, JB: Portal, OS: Original Subject
  • Custom format #3 - Title / Reference / Sender / idibu / Portal
  • Custom format #4 - job #Reference
  • Custom format #5 - Ad response to: Portal application for Title (reference) from Candidate's name surname (email) posted by (Job sender)

In order to work efficiently with Eploy, please advise Idibu that you require custom format 1/2/3.

Logic Melon – As LogicMelon do not have a standard subject structure, you are encouraged to set your own preferences. Eploy would recommend taking one of the structures from above, to ensure that the CV import tool can accurately track the source and the application vacancy link.


If you have a candidate portal, which will allow your prospective candidates to register directly through your site, you can provide the URL to the job board. Any applicants will then be forwarded to that URL, rather than submitting their CV to the job board.

To set this, you need to let the Ad-courier know that you wish applicants to be forwarded to a specific URL (related to where the vacancy is hosted online). The Eploy integration will then feed each URL through to the job board, who will direct the candidates to that page when they click Apply. Depending on which Ad-courier you use however, they may amend the source URL;

JobMate – When we send a URL to JobMate, they do NOT amend the URL at all, which means we can track candidates directly from the job board they have come from.

Idibu - When we send a URL to Idibu, they do NOT amend the URL at all, which means we can track candidates directly from the job board they have come from.

Broadbean – When we send a URL to Broadbean, they will actually pass a candidate through their own Aplitrak system first. This can make it difficult to track the original source of the candidate. However, they will amend the original URL and add ‘Source=[boardname]’. This means that we are able to track the source of the candidate from the URL that is returned by Broadbean.

Logic Melon – When we send a URL to Logic Melon, they will automatically append the URL with the following: &source=FEEDIDENTIFIER. Similar to Broadbean, Logic Melon applicants go through their own tracking system first, hence why the source is amended. You can find a full list of Logic Melon’s feed Identifiers here;

Application Source Strings

As applications can be returned via email or URL, Eploy needs to know exactly what to look for to identify the source and assign it to the correct option within your How did you hear about us? + Which one? drop down lists. To do this, an Admin user can amend the Source String to identify.

To access your source strings, select Admin-Drop down Lists from the Eploymenu. Then, you need to Show values for: How Did You Hear About Us? (Candidates)


You can also set source strings within the drop down for How Did You Hear About Us – Details (Candidates). This list relates to the Which One? question.

Once you have selected this list, your existing options will be displayed. You can edit an existing option by clicking into the record or create a new entry by selecting New on the Eploymenu.

Within each entry, you can set the Description, the Order Number and the Search String;

  • The Description is how the entry is displayed within the drop down list.
  • The Order Number is where in the list this entry appears. If left blank, the order will revert to alphabetical.
  • The Search String is what the import tool will search for in order to assign the correct entry.

When entering search strings, you need to ensure that the entry matches what will appear in the subject, email address of the Application email sender, or appear within the URL that the web applications are diverted too.

Please see below for a list of recommended Job boards and appropriate search strings.

Recommended Search Strings

Job Board

Preferred String



Total Jobs






Universal Jobmatch

Visible Boost





4IT Jobs


All Executive Jobs


Career Advance


Careers 4a


CV Library








Executive Careers


Fish 4 Jobs


Graduate Jobs Network




Leisure Jobs


Professional Passport


Retail & Fashion Jobs


Retail Appointment


Retail Choice


Simply Hotel Staff


Solid Staff


Telecoms Jobboard


The Caterer


The Guardian Jobs


Third Sector Jobs



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