As part of Eploy’s recent security updates, Passwords are now hidden from users. This includes Candidate or Hiring Manager passwords for portals & User passwords for the core system. Whilst this helps to keep key data more secure, its means forgotten passwords can cause an issue, particularly when you need access to the database.

For this reason we have introduced a series of measures to help you take control over your own password & for admin Users to be able to reset/generate new ones.

Setting your Own Password

Each user will have the ability to change & update their passwords within Eploy’s new account settings module. This can be found in the top right hand corner of the screen, where you log out of the system.

  • Update Password – This will prompt a new window, where the user will be able to set their own preferred password by entering their current password, their new password & confirmation of the new password. Once the password has been updated, click Save to confirm. The next time the user logs into the system, they will be required to enter the new password.

  • Account Settings – It is worth noting that the Account Settings option will allow you to change your display name, update contact email addresses & provide security information. We recommend that Users keep this information up to date.

Setting Passwords for Other Users (Admin Users only)

As an admin user, you will be able to access the Users module of the system, which controls permissions, access rights & contact information. As part of this module, you will be able to update the passwords for other users, granting them access to the system.

Note: Admin Users cannot see passwords for other users, but they can set new passwords.

To access the Users module, select Admin – Users from the Eploymenu. This will show you all user records, standard user & clients (hiring managers or vendors). Find the user record you wish to update by filtering for the user type or user ID.

Once you have found the required User, click into the User ID to access the record. Here you will be able to update details such usernames, email addresses & general permissions.

To change the password, select Update. This will prompt a pop up window where the new password can be entered. The password will need to be Strong – using a combination of capitals, lower case & numbers.

Once you have entered the password, click Apply. The password will be updated immediately and be required the next time this user tries to log in.

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