Interview Slots are used for creating multiple interviews that a candidate or a vendor can assign themselves or their candidates to within the portal. Candidates can also be assigned to the slots within the Eploy system.

Setting up Interviews

Creating Interviews from within a Vacancy

  • Search for your vacancy using the search tool box or selecting ViewVacancies. All of your live vacancies will be available from the Eploymenu or, if you have accessed the record recently, the vacancy will be available within History.

  • Open the vacancy record.
  • Select Start working on this Vacancy from the top right hand side of the search bar (optional)
  • Select the Actions

Note: It is recommended that you select ‘Start working on this vacancy as this auto populates the relationships within the interview slot, such Company and Contact information.

  • Within the Actions tab (whether you are working within the vacancy or not) you will be presented with the following screen;

  • Select the required date from the calendar on the left
  • Selecting Create Interview Slots opens the Action Slot Settings

In the New Window, you will be able to set your requirements of the slots you are creating;

  • Create Slots From: Insert the date when your first interview slot is scheduled
  • Time: Add the time of the first interview
  • No. of candidates to assign to each slot: How many candidates can attend an Interview at each slot
  • of sessions for this day (for assessment center days enter 1): This determines how many slots are created
  • Slot Length: How long would you like each interview to last
  • Break between Slots: This allows you to break up the interviews
  • Your Schedule: This will update as you populate the above fields and show you the slots

The following section will allow you to configure the action type and priority of the interviews, whilst allowing for additional users to be added to the slots. This would be used if the other users will be conducting the interviews, but aren’t actually the vacancy users. You can also select the business area, for reporting purposes.

Next is the relationship section. If you selected Start Working on this Vacancy before creating the interview slots, this section would be automatically selected with the company, company address (this can be changed if multiple addresses are saved against the company record), contact details and vacancy.

  • If you are not working in the vacancy before creating the slots add the following details:
    • Company
    • Address (if different to the company address)
    • Contact
    • Vacancy
  • Other Information can now be added, if you have any comments regarding the slots. You can also choose to make the comments private by using the check box.

  • Once you are finished, click save.

Now that your Interview Slots have been created, they will be displayed like this in the Action tab on the date that they have been set up for.

The slots will also be displayed within Activity section on the vacancy Summary tab.

Creating Interviews from within the Workflow.

If interview slots have already been created for the vacancy you can view them from within the vacancy workflow. From here you can also create interview slots.

  • Select the workflow stage to create the slots in
  • Click on the Interview Slots button
  • Select View to see existing slots (if any have been created)
  • Select Create to create new interview slots
  • Set requirements as described in Creating Interview from within a Vacancy

Assigning Candidates to the Interview Slots

Assigning Candidates to the Interview Slot within Eploy

When creating the interview slots, you were able to assign the Company, the Contact and the Vacancy. Now, you need to assign the candidate that you wish to interview. To do this please follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Vacancy
  • Select Start Working on this Vacancy
  • Open the Workflow stage
  • Click on Interview Slots
  • Select View
  • Open the slot by selecting the action name
  • In the relationship section an option is now available to select Candidate
  • Choose candidate
  • Click Save

You will also have the options to tick Requires confirmation from Contact and requires confirmation from Candidate. This will notify the contact and candidate via email to confirm they can attend the selected interview slot.

Candidates or Vendors choosing their own Interview Slots via Portals

Once the slots have been created you need to make them available for the candidates or vendors to see in their portals. To do this please follow the instructions below:

Interview Slots for the Workflow Action following Application or CV Sent

  • Open the Vacancy
  • Open the current workflow stage - either ‘Application’ or ‘CV Sent’
  • Select the candidates that you wish to select the Interview Slots by selecting the tick box
  • Click on Update Applications
  • A pop up will appear (if nothing appears check pop up blocker settings)
  • From the Status dropdown select Need to Interview
  • Click Apply
  • Your candidates or vendors will now be able to select from the slots created.

Note: When slots are allocated / selected by the candidate, an email will be triggered to the user assigned to the slot. In the core Eploy system, the relationship will show as populated.

Creating Interview Slots following a previous Workflow Stage

  • Open the Vacancy
  • Open the current action
  • Select the candidates that have been successful during the first interview slot
  • Click on Update Actions
  • To make the next set of interview slots visible to the Candidate or Client, complete the action giving an outcome of Proceed
  • Click Save
  • Interview slots will now be available to create on the next workflow stage.
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