With the Multi-Timesheet Tool, you can quickly create timesheets for multiple placements at once. This will significantly reduce administration time, saving you the effort of going through each placement and creating the timesheet for the following week.

What makes this tool so useful?

  • Creates timesheets for more than placement at a time
  • No limit to the number of placements you can do at once
  • Auto filters for placements that use rates
  • Includes placements that don’t have end dates.
  • Can be used to create timesheets for up to five weeks in advance.

Selecting the Placements

The Multi- Timesheet tool is available within Placements, rather than Timesheets. This is because the tool is looking for placements that do not have timesheets for that particular week, as opposed to looking at already existing timesheets. You can access placements by select View – Placements from the Eploymenu. You can also use a placements widget or the placements tab within a vacancy/company/contact record.

You can now apply a filter if required. However, you can run the multi-timesheet tool from the global placement list, to include all of your placements. The tool will auto filter for placements that have not expired and for those that require a timesheet. If you include a placement that already has a timesheet for the week you wish to create timesheets for, it will simply be ignored by the tool. This is built in so that no placements can be missed out.

Launching the Tool

The tool itself can be found at the bottom of each Eploy page, appearing whenever the tool is available. It will appear within the Eploy action panel, along with other Eploy action buttons.

Select Create Timesheets to launch the tool in a new pop up window.

Creating the Timesheets

The tool itself is very straight forward. The first field, Placements Selected, advises how many placements are going to be included in the tool;

  • If you select a number of records before launching the tool, by selecting the checkbox associated with record, the tool will only look at the selected records.
  • If no records are selected, the tool will look at all of the records included in the filter.
  • Any placements that have not been authorised will be excluded. This is beacuase a placement must be authorised before you can create timesheets.

The second field is the timesheets dates. This drop down list will show you, from your selected/filtered list, how many of those placements require a timesheet at each week. The tool will look at;

  • All placements selected that have rates
  • All placements selected that require a timesheet for that week, ignoring those that already have timesheets created.
  • The number in brackets shows how many timesheets the tool will create, if that week is selected.

This example shows that there are 408 live placements that do not yet have a timesheet created for the Week Commencing 07/02/16.

Once you have selected the week which you wish to create timesheets for, you will then have to tick the fail safe box that appears in the box. This is built in to ensure that timesheets are created for the correct week. Once confirming the fail safe, select Create Timesheets to complete the process.

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