As default, your opportunity workflow will show all OPEN opportunities that are assigned to you as a USER. This is so you can quickly and accurately see all of your ongoing opportunities, leads and potential sales. However, you may wish to report on other users, reflect on lost opportunities or learn from last year’s mistakes: All of this is possible using the Opportunity Filters, available as part of the Workflow.


Using these filters will allow you to very quickly see the opportunities of the rest of the team, as well as choosing to include those with different outcomes or ratings.


Advanced Filters

When selecting Advanced Filters from the menu, the filter options will open in a new frame, allowing you to build and apply your custom filter.  The filter you have in place currently will be automatically displayed.


To add items to your filed click Add Field.

A new line will be added and you'll be able to select the field you wish to filter by.  You can either scroll through the list, or if you know the name, type it in to the search box - the list of fields will automatically update themselves to match your search.


Note: the boolean operator will default to AND, but you can change this to OR if you wish.

Having specified the field you wish to use, indicate the field content and further refinements to the boolean operator e.g. Has, Does Not Have, etc. and click Apply to filter.

The number of opportunities matched will update itself accordingly.

Once you have finished updating your filter, click Apply.

The workflow will refresh and display all those opportunities which meets the criteria of the filter.

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