As default, your opportunity workflow will show all OPEN opportunities that are assigned to you as a USER. This is so you can quickly and confidently see all of your ongoing opportunities, leads and potential sales. However, you may wish to report on other users, reflect on lost opportunities or learn from last year’s mistakes: All of this is possible using the Opportunity Filter.

Quick Filters

By selecting Filters on the Eploy tool bar, you can access our predefined Quick Filter menu. This will allow you simply filter between opportunities with different outcomes or show them all together. This can be done by selecting the options within My Opportunities. To quickly filter for all opportunities, including those assigned to all other users you can then use the section called Everyone’s Opportunities. The filter that has been applied will be shown with a tick – Select a different option to remove the existing and apply the new filter.

Won / Lost / Open Opportunities 

When showing opportunities with different outcomes, each one will be colour coded to show the current outcome of the opportunity:

  • Greyed Out – All closed opportunities (won or lost) will be shown in a grey box, rather than white. The status will then be shown with coloured text box.
  • Won – All opportunities with an outcome of WON will be shown with green text box, clearly displaying those successful opportunities.
  • Lost – All opportunities with an outcome of LOST will be shown with a red text box, clearly displaying the opportunities that have been unsuccessful.

The Filter Opportunities section then allows you do build more complex or specific filters.

Filter Opportunities

When selecting Filter Opportunities from the drop down list, the filter menu will open in a new frame, allowing you to build and apply your custom filter:

The filter is broken down into three sections:

  • Program Modules – This section allows you to select which area of Eploy you wish to apply your filter. Selecting a module will display all of the available fields within that section of Eploy. For example, Opportunities can be filtered based on criteria found within the Opportunity (users assigned, dates, source etc.), the associated company (name, location business area etc.), contact or candidate (personal details or history) records.
  • Filter Fields – Once you have selected the program module, the available fields are displayed in this middle section. Here, you can select the specific field you require and confirm your criteria by using the Add to Filter

  • Current Filter – Once you have confirmed your criteria and used the Add to Filter button, the criteria will be displayed in the third column – Your Current Filter. This section is to confirm the criteria selected is correct. To remove anything from this section, you just need to click it and it will disappear from your filter.

This section uses simple Boolean logic when applying the filter:

  • If filtering for options from the same field, the filter will be doing an OR search. So, in the example above, the filter will show opportunities that are assigned to Hannah OR Helen OR
  • If filtering based on multiple fields, the filter will be doing an AND search, meaning that results will meet all of the criteria specified within the filter.

Once you are happy with the filter and have confirmed the criteria in the third section is correct, use continue to apply the filter and view the results. The workflow will refresh and display all those opportunities which meets the criteria of the filter.

Within the filter drop down, the tick will confirm that the custom filter has been applied.

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