Understanding your Layout

To help you optimise how you display your opportunity & sales forecasting workflows, we have incorporated three different views. These can be used to help show the same information in three different ways, allowing you to be flexible in your reporting.

The three views are available on the Opportunity tool bar and include Pipeline View, Timeline View & List View


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Pipeline View

The pipeline is the default view setting for your Opportunity Workflow. Each workflow stage is represented by a column, allowing you to quickly and easily see at which stage your opportunities are at and what needs to be done to progress through the workflow.


In this view, you can simply drag your opportunities through to the next stage or column, whilst clicking into the title of the opportunity to show / update the details such as pay dates, contract values and comments.

Timeline View

The timeline view groups each opportunity by the opportunity start date (found within the Opportunity configuration). This allows you to see your longest outstanding opportunities and track their progress. The activity filters and opportunity configuration are still available, but in this view you also see the progress compared to the start date of the opportunity.

This view is especially effective for tracking time to completion, monitoring lead generation and comparing similar opportunities.

The green bar shown within each opportunity indicates how far through the process that particular opportunity has gone and can indicate what is still outstanding. Within this view, you can still access activity, related records and the opportunity configuration. 

List View

Switching to the List View will allow you to simply see & audit all of your opportunities with no frills, no fuss and no drag & drop features. All of the functionality remains, including the opportunity configuration, record navigation and stage breakdown but you are also able to apply your own ‘Sort-Bys’ and see all the information collated together.

This view is particularly effective as you can see all of the information in one screen: everything you would need to know about each opportunity is displayed simply & easy to understand. You can then manipulate the data using the column orders and navigate in the rest of Eploy, all from the same screen.

With each view, there are advantages and benefits, so using all three as you progress your opportunities through your workflow will allow you make the most of leads, develop new business and forecast revenue all within Eploy

Sort By

In all three views, you can control the order in which your opportunities appear – using the Sort By Option. This will allow you to sort your opportunities by title, company, start date, value etc.


This can also be set to descending or ascending order, giving you complete control over how your opportunities are displayed.

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