The Multi-Edit tool is a powerful feature within Eploy that will allow you to edit, update & over-write data against up to 1000 records at a time. This tool is available against candidates, companies, vacancies & applications, meaning that you can updates statuses, edit preferences and input CV sent dates all at once.

The tool is controlled by permissions, so you can manage the users who can update on mass and protect the integrity of your data.

Note: Not all fields are against each record are multi-editable. For a full list of available fields, please select the multi-edit tool from the Eploy tool bar.

Using the Multi-Edit Tool

The multi-edit tool can be used to update numerous records at the same time and is available to use on candidates, companies, vacancies and applications & can be used to insert actions, correspondence or placement records

The tool itself can be found along the main menu tool bar in any section that it is available – If the ‘Multi-Edit’ option is not there, then you are unable to use it with that type of record or you do not have permission to access it.

To use the tool, you need to select the records you need to edit (max 1000) and then select the icon from the toolbar; the multi-edit tool will open in a new window. The options within the tool will then differ, depending on which area of the system you are editing: for example, within candidates you can update statuses & insert actions, whilst vacancies will allow you to edit dates & requirements.


When multi-editing candidates, you will be able to amend details such as the company, the user they are assigned to, country, positions, locations, industry and keywords. You will also have the option to update the preferred vacancy types and the ‘Other Information’ such as status.

The remaining tabs at the top of the window will allow you to insert various record types into your selected candidates. These include actions, correspondence, applications, placements & notes.


Within Vacancies, you have the option to change the status, the location and the assigned Users, along with a selection of other fields. The tabs to insert actions, correspondence, applications, placements and notes are all available within Vacancies. This is particularly useful for updating/extending the expiry date of multiple vacancies.


Whilst you are able to multi-edit applications, you are limited in the changes that you are able to make. The additional tabs are not available, but you can add comments to applications. This is particularly useful when assigning multiple applications to one user, or amending the rates of more than on application.


When multi-editing companies, you have the option to insert actions, correspondences and notes. This is particularly useful for updating sales information for multiple companies.

Key Information

It is important to remember that you can only edit certain fields when using the multi-edit tool and you are limited to up to 1000 records at a time. Whilst the tool will warn you regarding the number of records selected, we would always advise caution. If information is edited on mass, it cannot be undone. Any information lost whilst multi-editing is not recoverable.

To help reduce lost data, the tool is controlled by user permissions. Within the User record, you can choose to grant access to certain users. We would recommend that tool is deactivated for all users, until it is required.

As part of the multi edit tool, a Multi Delete is also available. However, this is only available on special request for a limited time.

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