Creating Shifts against a vacancy is a very convenient way to assign candidates to work slots and to keep track of who is working, when and at what rate.

Shifts created against the vacancy record can then be assigned to the candidates placed within the role and their working hours even reflected in their time sheets. This tool contribues to reducing admin time and contributing to the organisation of temp recruitment processes.


  • Shifts are set in the the Vacancy record
  • The number of positions required to fill the vacancy must be set - complete the Positions field in the vacancy accordingly

  • Rates must first be set against the vacancy before shifts can be created. Please see the <Rates> guide for more information.

Creating Shifts

  • The Shift table is the final area of the vacancy details page. If the exact shift pattern is not known at the time of creating the vacancy, the user can always come back to set this information later by clicking into the Details tab of the record.

Set the shift details:

  • From the dropdown list, select the Rate that you want to create the shift pattern
  • Enter the working hours in the Start Time and End Time fields
  • Enter the Break duration, e.g. 1 hour break should be entered as 1, half-hour break should be entered as 0.5
  • In the Time Worked field, enter the working hours, minus the break

Note:  the Break and the Time Worked field are not calculated fields and must be completed manually

  • Enter the number of Positions into to the No. of Candidates field - this valus should reflect the number of Positions  set againt the vacancy
  • Select the working days for that shift from the tickboxes
  • Click Create Shifts to add the slots to the vacancy shift list 

To add shifts in with a different rate, e.g. to have a day shift and night shifts against the vacancy and maybe even a different rate for Sundays, repeat the steps above.

Enter the relevant information relating to that particular shift and  Create Shifts.

The shifts created against the vacancy can be deleted at any time if not needed. This may be useful if you need more staff on some days than others.

Allocating Shifts

Once a placement has been created, shifts can then be assigned to the candidate.

  • In the Shifts Available table of the Placement record, click the tickboxes beside the shift that the placed candidate is assigned to
  • Shifts already assigned to other candidates will be removed from the list and displayed in a spearate table below

To fill the remaining shifts, create placements and select the shifts from the rate table accordingly.

  • click  Update Shifts to see add these shift to the Shift List

Note: Shifts in Eploy work on the assumption that shift patterns will be the same every week for the duration of the placement; shifts for differential working patterns each week cannot be set here - in such cases you would need to delete the existing shifts from the vacancy, re-create new shifts and assign to candidates via the placements

Monitoring Shifts

In the Vacancy details tab, you will then be able to see from the Shifts table who is working and when, in addition to being able to monitor shift still left to fill.

You can also create widgets on your dashboard to access actively placed temp jobs - you can then click into the each record to see the related shift table, e.g:


Please see the Support Centre, sections Dashboard & Analytics and Widget Inspiration for more advice. 

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