So with all of Eploy's new features, innovations and updates, it can be hard to know where to start & how it all can help your recruitment cycle. This guide goes step by step through each of the changes to help you make the most of update and each new feature.

Eploy Menu

The Eploy Menu has always been a crucial navigation tool, allowing each user to access any area of the system within just a few clicks. This has now been further improved for even quicker access to your database.


Our brand new Opportunity & Sales pipeline management tool is available from the Eploymenu, allowing you to access your business development pipelines, candidate workflows and opportunity configuration from anywhere in the system.

For more information on Opportunities please see our Opportunities section.

Live Vacancies

Your live vacancy workflows are now just two clicks away, with Eploy’s Live Vacancy filter.

This new menu item will allow you instant access to your workflows, meaning you can quickly start working on your vacancy. All Vacancies that you are assigned as as a vacancy will be displayed, whilst the drop menus above will navigate to your filtered vacancy lists. These will broken down status, reducing the need to filter.

CV Import & Eploymail

These fantastic tools used to be available in the now defunct file tab; however, they are now available behind icons by your search toolbar.

Selecting either of these will open the tool in a new window or tab and are available from anywhere in the Eploy System, meaning your Emails or CVs are now just a click away.

User Settings

You user account settings are still in the top right hand corner and now allow you to update your password and change your security details, as well as logging out of Eploy.

Preview, Edit All & Add Action

A major new addition in Eploy is our preview menu. This is available from both he simple view and the detailed views on any global list. With one simple right click, you can view record summaries, update record information or even add activity to your records.

Simple View

Whilst on the simple view of a global list, be it candidates, contacts, companies or vacancies, you can access the preview menu with a simple right click in the body of the record or by selecting the three-dot menu.

Once selected, the preview window will open and allow you to see all the information you require, upate details or log correspondence. In fact, all the functionality that is available when actually within a record is available in preview mode.

Using these menus effectively will greatly increase the speed of your navigation, reduce your processing times & improve the accuracy of your admin – resulting in greater output from Eploy: Because these menus are much quicker to access than actually navigating into the record, updating information or reviewing lists of records is a much simpler task.

Detailed View

The same options are available within the detailed view, which applies to candidates, contacts, companies & vacancies in particular. Whilst within the Detailed View, the preview is available on the QuickView Eye icon, whilst the Edits & Add Activity is part of the tool bar.


Selecting to preview any record will take you to the summary, allowing you to review the detail already recorded and any previous activity, actions or correspondence that have been associated with the record.


The Edit options allow you to directly enter the editable tabs of each record, reducing the navigation required. The ability to Edit All is also now available – bringing all editable fields together onto one form, meaning that you don’t need to switch between tabs in order to update the stored information.

Add Activity

Adding activity using the preview menus allow you to link new records, correspondence, calls or actions to your contacts & candidates without the need to go into the record first – again reducing the number of clicks required. In addition, as the activity is added to the record directly, the relationship will be auto-populated. This also applies to companies and vacancy records.

Related Records

When accessing the preview menu on records that are part of a related structure, you can also preview anything it is linked to. This is particularly useful for application, placement or even timesheet records, as it increases visibility into associated candidates, vacancies & companies.

Touchscreen & Mobile Responsive

All of our new features are available on touch screen devices and are mobile devices. To access the preview menu on a touch screen, simply tap the three-dot menu once to select it and then again to open it.

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