With Opportunities now populating your workflow, you can now update actions, log activity and progress Opportunities through your sales cycle. When you choose your workflow, each stage will be displayed a column across the top with each opportunity displayed below the assigned stage.

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Stage Summary & Reporting


A summary of each stage will appear at the top of the column. As part of the summary, you will be able to see:

  • The workflow stage
  • The number of deals/opportunities at each stage
  • The weighted value of all the deals at each stage.

The weighted value looks at the annual contract value of each opportunity and applies the designated win probability assigned to each stage. For example, if the win probability is 33% and annual deal value is £65,000, then the weighted value is £21,450.

  • The Total Value of all the deals at that stage.


You can also click the ‘i’ symbol on each summary, to see further information, including the Stage Statistics:


Understanding Opportunities

Each Opportunity will show the key information including deal value, users assigned and related contacts: allowing you to track the worth & progress of each opportunity without the need to go into the configuration of each record.


  • The Title of the opportunity will be shown at the top of the record. Clicking into this will open Opportunity configuration window, allowing to update the information recorded. If the Opportunity has no title, the name of the company associated to the opportunity will be displayed.
  • The Overall value of Opportunity will then be displayed, followed by the breakdown of Deal Value / Annual Contract Value. Both of these figures can be updated within the Opportunity configuration window.
  • The related Company, Contact and Candidate (If applicable) will then be displayed. Clicking the record here will open the record summary within a pop-up, allowing you to access record specifics, view recent related activity and update key information. The record summary will also confirm the number of related Opportunities.


  • The initials of the Users associated to the Opportunity will then be displayed, allowing you to keep track of those who are involved or are working within this Opportunity.


  • In the top left hand corner of the Opportunity, the initials of the company associated will be displayed. You will also be able to upload an avatar or logo for each opportunity, by hovering over the display box.

Monitor Activity

The bottom right hand corner of each Opportunity will display outstanding activity against the opportunity. The colour will change depending on the status of the activity:

  • A Solid Red box shows that no activity has been logged or scheduled against the opportunity. The opportunity has no chance of progression as there are no calls booked or any upcoming actions.
  • A white box with red icon shows the number of activities against the opportunity, but also that the activity is now overdue and requires updating.
  • A white box with green icon shows that there is upcoming activity scheduled and is not yet due.
  • A Solid green box shows you have activity today.

To view any activity recorded against the opportunity, simply click the activity filter in the right hand corner. This will expand the opportunity window, showing any existing activity and allow you to add new actions or other activity.


Selecting to add a new action here will open up the insert actions page within a pop-up window, allowing you to input the required detail, start dates and action types. The relationship will be auto-populated, with information taken from the opportunity.


Progressing Opportunities

Within the workflow, it is simple to progress an opportunity through the workflow – just click and hold the opportunity, then drag into the required workflow stage. This does not have to be linear and opportunities can be downgraded / moved backwards. However we would encourage you to follow this process before moving opportunities, to ensure that all calls are logged and the information is accurately recorded. As opportunity information is available within the candidate/contact/company record, it is important to ensure that all admin is complete:

  • Ensure all actions / activity is logged. This can be tracked by checking the colour of the activity filter or by opening the filter and viewing the specific action dates / outcomes / comments are recorded.
  • Update the details of the opportunity by clicking into the opportunity title. Has the sale date / pay date changed? Do you need to adjust the sale / annual contract value? Have all related records been linked as part of the relationship?
  • Are there any other comments to add to the opportunity? This can be done in the comments field, which allows you to record any other notes or miscellaneous info.
  • If the opportunity has been won / lost, ensure the Outcome is updated accordingly.

Once you are confident that the opportunity is completely up to date, you can then progress it through the workflow. When you have dragged the opportunity into the next workflow stage, you will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of the screen:


As you move opportunities through the workflow, the stage statistics at the top of the page will automatically update.

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