Getting Started – Create a Workflow

The first step on the way to sales pipeline & forecast management is to start building your opportunity workflow. As workflows are always evolving, you can always update your layout & structure on Eploy. However, it is just as simple to create a brand new process, mapping your route to success with industry specific hurdles, stages & quick wins.

To begin creating your Workflow, or to edit an existing one, select Opportunities – Configure Opportunity Workflows from the Eploymenu.


This will then allow you to select an existing workflow, if you want to make changes, or create a new one by selecting New on the Eploy tool bar.

Once you have selected New, you then have to;

  • Give the workflow a Title – This is how the workflow will appear within the Opportunities Menu and will be visible to other users on the same workflow. The title should be relevent and consice for maximum efficiency.
  • Add a Description to the workflow – The description allows you to provide more information regarding the workflow, including its intended use. As others will be able to access your workflow, it is recommended to provide as much information as possible.


Once the title and description has been defined, click Save. This will create the workflow and allow you to begin populating the stages involved. You can begin adding in your required steps by clicking Add from the Workflow Stages section.

Adding Workflow Stages

When adding a new workflow stage, you need to determine the Stage Name and the Win Probability. Both of these are mandatory fields. For the win probability, a percentage will automically be applied. I.E Entering 10 will be adjusted to show as 10%.

Once you have added the stages required, you can then determine the order in which they appear in the workflow, meaning that you do not need to add each stage in the order you intend for them to appear. Use the up & down arrows to determine the order/location of each stage.


Click Save to confirm the order and complete the set up process. The work flow will now be available from the Opportunities menu and ready to use!

Select the title to load the opportunity workflow. Each stage will then be displayed as a column, confirming the number of deals at that stage, the win probability, along with the weighted & total value. These caluclated fields will automatically populate when you start adding opportunities to each stage. 

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