NEW - Opportunity Management

Opportunities is the first addition to the Eploy Recruitment Platform that uses a new, intuitive, drag and drop ‘lists’ interface.


This enables workflows such as candidate marketing and business development to be organised into process stage lists. Candidates and opportunities can then be dragged and dropped from one list to another as they progress through your process.

Check out our Support Material for more information!

NEW - Upload from Cloud Storage

You can now upload files into Eploy that are stored on cloud storage services including Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

This feature can also be extended to Candidate Portals - so your Candidates could upload their CV which they have stored in Google Drive for example.

NEW - Apply with Social

Eploy now supports candidate registration / Login using social network credentials including LinkedIn,

Google+ and Facebook. Candidates can register, apply and login by simply clicking their preferred social network on your careers site. If you would like to add this feature to your current careers site please contact your Eploy Account Manager for details.

Placement Status improvements

‘Placement Status’ can now be used to reactivate a job. For example, if a job has two positions available and two placements are initially made, but one is later changed to a ‘terminated’ status (candidate withdrew), then the job will automatically show that there is now one position available. This can be configured in the drop down list admin interface by checking the ‘Terminates Placement’ box against statuses.

Eploy interface improvements

Following on from the interface refresh in the previous update we’ve made more usability improvements to help you work faster and smarter including:

Live Vacancies menu

The new Live Vacancies menu provides one-click access to start working on a job.

Eploy Menu Update

Import CVs

We’ve added an ‘Import CV’ icon to the main menu bar to make it easy to get new CVs into your Eploy system. Previously this was tucked away in the (now redundant) ‘File’ menu. The ‘New Window’ link is now in the View menu.

EployMail icon

Next to the CV Import is a new icon for EployMail - giving you quick access to your mailbox wherever you are in the system (providing you have EployMail as part of your package!)


Keep an eye out for the QuickPreview eye!

This handy tool now appears across Eploy enabling you to quickly preview details of records without having to leave your current screen.


We’ve also added a right-click menu across Eploy.


For example, when working with a list of candidates, use the right-click to access a popup menu and select the details you want to edit.

This is another huge time-saver and means you can edit individual records while still working within a list.


Edit All

With the new Edit All feature you can quickly update information within your candidates/companies/vacancies etc., all from a single edit form - meaning no more clicking through tabs to find the right fields that you want to update - now you can access them all at once.


The right click menu also lets you quickly add activities against candidates, companies, contacts and vacancies when working with a list.

Mobile/Tablet Improvements


For users on devices that don’t support ‘right-click’ such as Tablets, we’ve included enhanced support for the new ‘Quick’ features - tap on a row and you’ll see a ‘three dots’ icon - tap this to access all of the new ‘right click’ features.

NEW - Eploy Onboarding

The new Eploy Onboarding module is now available.

The module connects with your Eploy Candidate Portal and can be customised to collect all of the new hire information you need.

Including online reference collection; new join forms; bank details; medical questionnaires etc.

Also, you can disseminate and check acceptance of company policies and employee handbooks and enable your new hires to access and approve your contracts. For further information on how you could add onboarding into your E-Recruitment please download the module datasheet here:

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