Drop down lists are a big part of the Eploy System and are a fantastic method of quickly collecting & inputting information. However, there will occasionally be a drop down menu that doesn’t quite fit with the information that you are looking for or is irrelevant to your purposes. For this reason, you can completely customise and tailor the drop down lists within Eploy to fit your needs. To begin to manage your drop down lists, click on Admin from the file menu, and then select Drop down Lists.


This will then take you to the Drop down List Admin page. This page contains a drop down menu of containing the entire catalogue of customisable drop down lists within Eploy. Select the drop down list that you wish to edit from the Show Values For field and the page will then display the options within that list.


Once the list has loaded, you can select New from the menu tool bar. Alternatively, if you wanted to edit an existing entry, click on the record description. After clicking into the record or selecting New you will now be viewing the edit page.


Note: Depending on which list you have selected to edit, there may be additional variables at this stage. This could include a termination check box if the drop down was Action Outcomes or a search string if the drop down was How did you hear about us?

Description – This is how the entry will appear on the list.

The Order Number will indicate where in the drop down list the option will appear. If left blank, it will default to zero and the list will revert to alphabetical order. If you would prefer to choose your own order, simply input which position in the list you would like the record to appear i.e. the first entry as 1, second as 2, third in the list as 3.

Note: Negative and decimal numbers can be used if you wanted to supersede the current inputted list, without having to go through and change the order number for all the records.

Once you have completed the relevant fields, click Save. This will take you back to the Drop down Admin page. Here you can check the defined order, review the records created and modify other entries.

Deleting & Archiving Values

When an option is no longer required, you have two options - to archive or to delete (depending on your user permissions). If you chose to archive an item, you will still be able to report on the item historically but it will not be available to select going forward. This can be great for sources that you no longer use to advertise roles or for positions that no longer recruit for.

When deleting drop down entries, you would lose any historical data where that entry had been selected. We would always advise caution when deleting, as deleted admin & affected records cannot be recovered.

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