Once you have created your dashboard, you may need to share it as a template with another user. This can be really useful for sharing sets of data, helping to uniform your processes or reiterate team KPIs to drive activity. Eploy Copy Dashboard function will allow you to do all this with just a few simple clicks.

The User with access to the dashboard needs to click on Tools in the top right hand corner of the Eploy toolbar and then select Copy Dashboard.

This will open the Copy Dashboard configuration window, which will confirm the title & description of the dashboard you are about to share. Copy to Users will allow you to select which Users you want to send the dashboard to; clicking into the text box will show you a list of your users, which you can search by beginning to type. Ensure you tick your required Users and click Continue to send them a copy of this dashboard.

You will then receive confirmation of those who have received the dashboard. The recipient will also receive an email confirming that this dashboard has been shared with them and is now available. It will appear within their list of dashboards from the Eploy menu.

When a dashboard is copied to a user, it will be completely separate to your original dashboard. This means that they can safely edit, amend and delete widgets form the dashboard without affecting the original. 

If the recipient has different user permissions to you, then the dartboard may be displayed slightly differently when they receive it. This is because the metrics which power the widgets and dashboards are restricted by permissions - each user must have the permission to use the metric for it to display correctly. For more information on User Reporting Permissions, please click here.

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