Once the caller ID functionality has been set up, Eploy will produce a search box when a call is received. If the telephone number is stored within an Eploy record, it will be displayed within the search box. This will allow the Eploy user to quick access the candidate record to make any required amendments and create a call log.

The feature will match with any record that contains the incoming telephone number, so will work when receiving calls from Companies, Contacts or Candidates. Once the record has been identified, the user can click into the record by selecting the title. This will open the record in a new browser tab.

Once within the record, the caller will be displayed like so;

From here, a call log can be added to the record using the Add Activity link, found within the Recent Activity filter.

By selecting Call Log from this drop down list, the user will be able to record the details of the call. The system will even automatically populate the candidate relationship, the user association and the date / time of the call. Once the remaining details of the call have been populated, the user can even go on to create an action to follow on from the call.

Again, the action will have the user, the date & the candidate relationship automatically populated.

Process Summary

  • Phone Call received
  • Search box shows matching records
  • Required Record is selected, prompting a new browser window.
  • From within record, use Add Activity – Call Log to create the call log against the record.
  • The relationship, date & time of the call are automatically logged, saving the user having to manually enter these details.
  • Follow up actions can be created from the call log.

The main benefits of the Caller ID feature are to help cut down on administration time, including searching for candidates, taking notes and creating logs after the call.

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