There are 100's of job boards, each with their own appeal, candidate talent pool and niche markets. Rather than individually posting jobs to each board, Eploy have teamed up with several Ad-Couriers to help you to post your vacancies on to multiple job boards, all with one action.

Job Board Integrations

Eploy supports ready to use integrations with four different Ad-Couriers;











You will need to set up your account with your chosen supplier but Eploy are here to help every step of the way. For more information regarding each individual job board, please contact Eploy Support who will be able to provide further information. From a functionality perspective, it does not make a difference which Ad-Courier you elect to go with; the Eploy process will follow the same steps.


Once you have set up your job posting account, you then need to provide the log in details to Eploy; this allows us to set up the integrations and stop the need to log in each time you wish to post your vacancy.

The login details that Eploy require for the integration are as follows;

  • Username
  • Password
  • Which Eploy User to link to the account.

Once the integration has been set up, your user will be ready to start posting vacancies!

Posting Vacancies

Within Eploy, a vacancy can be posted to job boards from within the vacancy record. The Post Job button can be found;

  • On the Eploy action panel, at the bottom of the summary screen.
  • With the vacancy details tab, as part of the requirements section.

Using either button will open a pop up window within Eploy. This window will trigger the integration and begin to log you into your Ad-Courier account.

Note: If the pop up window does not appear, please check your browser pop up blocker settings.

Note: If you use more than one Ad-Courier account, you will be able to select which you wish to post this vacancy.

The new window will then allow you to complete the process of posting the vacancy though your chosen ad-courier and on to your job boards. The form will be part complete with information recorded within Eploy; however, there will be certain courier & job board specific fields that you will need to fill in.

Returned Applications

Once a vacancy has been successfully posted to your chosen job board, the applications can be returned to Eploy in two ways, depending on your preferences and your agreement with the Ad-courier;

  • Via Email – Some job boards will return applications to you via email. These can then be imported on to Eploy by forwarding them to your CV Import Mailbox.
  • Via URL – if you have a candidate portal, the job board can direct the potential candidate there via URL. The candidates can then register on your database, fill in any required fields and submit their application. The candidate will be created on Eploy the moment they register, before the application is logged once they have completed the portal process.

Tracking Application Source

Eploy can track the source of the application (which specific job board) and match them with the How Did You Hear About Us? + Which One? questions within the application record. This is done by monitoring the query strings set against each entry.

For more information on Tracking Application Source, please contact Eploy Support

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