NEW - Eploy Dashboards

You can now create your own dashboards that help you navigate your data, track KPIs, keep informed of news and plan your activities. Eploy Dashboards replace the  classic ‘Main Menu’ interface with new customisable 'Widgets’. Available Widgets include: charts; rankings; gauges; leaderboard; groups; queries; newsfeeds and EployMail.

You can also create multiple dashboards - each one focusing on specific aspects of your recruitment.

NEW – Eploy Metrics

You can now define your own recruitment metrics within Eploy. Metrics define the data that you want to measure and then display via your dashboard widgets.

NEW – Target Management

Targets will form an important part of your Eploy Dashboards and management information. Targets allow you to measure the performance of both teams and individuals. Users can track their own progress towards KPIs and achieving their targets.

By creating and assigning target templates, you can build profiles for individuals and teams. Administrators can modify target values, set reporting periods and build a layered history. Eploy’s new Target Management features enable you to implement targeting across all aspects of your recruitment activities and gain real-time progress reports.

Eploy Interface

The entire Eploy interface has had a refresh with the aim of retaining familiarity whilst reducing clutter and improving usability:

As well as the design refresh we have included a number of productivity enhancements within the interface including:

Candidate Info Bar: Now contains Quick CV and Social profile buttons. Giving you quick access to the candidate’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profile in addition to their website & Google search. Click on one of the social icons and Eploy will run a search across the selected network to see if there is a matching profile for the candidate. If the candidate’s social profile is already know the icon will link directly to it without the need to run a search.

Eploy Help Menu: Now links to Eploy Online Support Centre for up to date help files, tutorials and service requests.

Vendor pick list: The list is now sorted by vendor company name rather than the first name of the user- making it easier to find and select the correct user.

Activity Pane: The Activity Pane has been improved to display a greater number of recent activities.

Timesheets Enhancements

You can now create a timesheet on a weekly basis for multiple candidates.

Vacancies Enhancements

Business Area: Previously only available within the Candidate and Company records, has now been extended to include Vacancy records. This is useful where customers with multiple groups or business units require the ability to search, track and report on vacancies at the group / business unit level. To assist with this the Business Area is also available within the Quick Match tool.

Current workflow stage: A vacancy’s current workflow stage is now displayed within the info bar so that it is displayed on all vacancy related pages. This also reflects whether the vacancy has additional positions / shifts.

Datafeed Enhancements

Previously Eploy DataFeeds syndicated lists of all live vacancies. It is now possible to filter DataFeeds – for example, to provide DataFeeds based on industries and locations.  In addition, Post Codes are now available within Datafeeds to enable easier integration with third party services.


We have modernised the Click-to-Call feature within Eploy so that it can work across all leading browsers.

Phone numbers in Eploy can be shown as links that dial the number when clicked. Inbound calls can trigger a pop-up screen containing matching company and contact records based on the caller’s number. To enable the use of this functionality will require that you are using  a compatible phone system. Further details will be made available on the Eploy Support Centre (

System Enhancements

Security: User profiles now require a Security Question and Security Answer. When a user logs in, if the security question is not currently set the system will prompt the user. Similarly if a user's password is not strong Eploy will prompt the user to update their password. This was a pre-requisite development for our aim of integrating Eploy with the Eploy Support Centre.

Deactivated user notifications:  If the authoriser of a vacancy or offer is deactivated, authorisation emails will now be sent to an administrator. Administrators can then update the affected vacancy or offer with the details of the new authoriser.

System Performance: We have made numerous technical improvements to the Eploy platform to improve performance significantly.

5 ways to improve your Candidate Portal

We are now able to deliver enhanced Candidate Portals that include new features designed to improve the online candidate experience. If you would like to upgrade your candidate portal to take advantage of these new capabilities, please contact us so that we can provide you with a tailored quotation.





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