Live Vacancies by User Assigned – Pie Chart

Live Vacancies shows exactly what is happening right now in your business, whilst grouping by user means you can manage workloads, forecast budgets and monitor performance. If live vacancies are heartbeat of your company, this should be the heartbeat of your dashboard.

To get this –


I need to do this –

Create New Metric;

  • Title – Active Vacancies by Creation Date & Vacancy User
  • Description – Active Vacancies by creation date and vacancy user. Includes a filter where the vacancy status = active.
  • Record Type – Vacancies
  • Date Field – Vacancies – Creation Date
  • Aggregate Type – Count
  • User Field – Vacancies - User
  • Permissions – Vacancy Details
  • Filter – Vacancy is Active


Then add a new Widget –

  • Click + Add Widget
  • Chart Type – Pie Chart
  • Record Type - Vacancies
  • Metric – Active Vacancies by Creation Date & Vacancy User
  • Group by – User – User Display Name
  • Date FilterNone Required
  • User FilterSelect specific Users to include or leave blank to include all.
  • Set TitleCurrent Live Vacancies by User Assigned


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