Actions created this month – Bar Chart

Keep track of productivity, conversion rates and recruitment cycles with Actions created this month. This widget will allow for an overview of your team productivity, as well as comparing the performance across your team. 

To get this -

I need to do this –

Create New Metric;

  • Title – Actions Created
  • Description – All actions, by creation date and creator
  • Record Type – Actions
  • Date Field – Actions – Creation Date
  • Aggregate Type – Count
  • User Field – Actions - Creator
  • Permissions – Actions
  • Filter – Not Required

Then add a new Widget –

  • Click + Add Widget
  • Chart Type – Bar Chart
  • Record Type – Actions
  • Metric – Actions Created
  • Group by – User – User Display Name
  • Second Group by – Other - Actions – Action Type
  • Date FilterThis Month.
  • User FilterSelect specific Users to include or leave blank to include all.
  • Set TitleAction Types created this month.
  • Chart Direction – Vertical

Note: Switching the order in which the bar chart is Grouped will change how the information is displayed. This is only available on charts where two group by options are available. Below is how the chart would be displayed if the group by selections are re-ordered.

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