Eploy will now allow you to integrate with external telephone systems, making fantastic services such as Caller ID and Click to Dial possible. These tools can be a great help in running the day to day of your office, dealing with inbound calls and allowing for quick outbound dialling.

However, these features will need to be configured correctly first before they can be used from Eploy.

Caller ID

Caller ID will allow Eploy to open a Search Box as soon as a call comes through – it will automatically display any records that match the telephone number, as long as it is stored within Eploy.

The way that the Caller ID will work is that the telephone integration software will open a specific URL within Eploy, before passing the incoming telephone number as a query string.

For example, if a candidate calls from the number registered on their profile, the quick search box will open on the candidate tab, displaying the matching records. When clicking the returned result, the record will open in an additional tab.

To set this up, your telephone integration software will need to pass this feed into the browser;

  • The SYSTEMNAME will be the name of your individual Eploy System. If you are not sure of your system name, you can check your URL log in (when you access the system) or contact Eploy Support.
  • The telephone number, which the call is coming from, will need to appear after keyword=

Once this has been set up, any calls received will appear in the search box like so;

Note: This feature requires the user to be logged into Eploy to return any results.

Click to Dial

The click to dial function works in a similar way to the above caller ID, in the way that the URL is passed between Eploy and the telephone integration software. In order set up click to dial, you will need to find out what command the telephone software requires.

This is likely to be similar to DIALTO:<phonenumber> or CALLTO :<phonenumber>.

Once you know which command your telephone software requires, please let Eploy know so that we can amend the configuration on your system.

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