The most effective way to add a vendor would be through the contact record. This is because the relationship would be auto populated within the record.

  • Search for the contact record that relates to the Vendor
  • Within the Contact record, select the Users tab
  • Once you have clicked into the Users tab, click on New in the grey toolbar. This will then take you into the Insert Users page


On the Insert User page, fill in the details of the user. The minimum fields that are highlighted above. 

  • User Display Name - This is how the vendor will appear on your system
  • Position - Users Position (same as contact position)
  • User Name - This is the name they will use to log in to the portal
  • Password - Enter a Password (it must contain a combination of upper and lower case letters and a number). You can also use the Generate button to generate a random password to use first time.
  • IMPORTANT pick Vendor from user type.
  • Enter in Email Address and Email Display Name
  • Click Save
  • Once you have clicked on Save, you will be taken to the User Details. Click in to the next tab along which is Vendor Permissions. Choose the permissions for the Vendor according to what they will need, then click Save.
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