Vacancies Created this Month - SnapStat

Vacancies created this month is the perfect way to track your incoming workload and prepare for the future. Grouping by position will allow you to monitor trends, focus on specialist areas and manage workloads. Without vacancies, you have no applications, interviews or placements so keeping a keen eye on this will help you plan for the weeks ahead. 

To get this –


I need to do this –

Create New Metric;

  • Title – Vacancies by Creation Date & Creator
  • Description – Vacancies by the creation date and the vacancies creator.
  • Record Type – Vacancies
  • Date Field – Vacancies – Creation Date
  • Aggregate Type – Count
  • User Field – Vacancies - Creator
  • Permissions – Vacancy Details
  • Filter – Not Required


Then add a new Widget –

  • Click + Add Widget
  • Chart Type – SnapStat – Metric.
  • Record Type - Vacancies
  • Metric – Vacancies by Creation Date & Creator
  • Group by - Other – Vacancies – Position.
  • User FilterSelect specific Users to include or leave blank to include all.
  • Date FilterThis Month.
  • Select Colour & TitleVacancies Created this Month




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