When creating a new profile select User Type ‘Vendor’ and when the profile is created click the General Permissions tab to set permissions based on the options below.

Please note that Vendor User Permissions will be dependent on how your Vendor portal has been configured. If the related functionality is not included in the portal, the permission will not change anything.

Permission Types

  • Edit: Allows the user to edit records.
  • Multiple Edit: Allows the user to edit multiple records at once.
  • View:- For custom sections, users can be given View access instead of Edit, giving read-only access
  • Merge to .CSV: Allows the user to export data from your Eploy Database into a .CSV file (comma separated value’s) which can then be imported into spreadsheets etc.
  • Delete: Allows the user to delete records.
  • Update Website: Allows the user to make changes to your company website.
  • Merge Duplicates: Allows the user to merge together duplicate records.
  • Authorise: - This is used with placements, timesheets and skills and is usually reserved for admin users, or users that specialise in these areas. 


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