Featured Vacancies is a feature that allows you to promote or highlight selected vacancies on multiple pages within your candidate portal. A Featured Vacancy Panel (as shown in Fig.1) can be set to display multiple vacancies a

To set a vacancy as a Featured Vacancy, the vacancy needs to:

  • Have been previously Created on Eploy (See: Adding a Vacancy)
  • Be set to “Display Online”. The Display Vacancy checkbox is within the details tab of the vacancy. If this is not checked, then the vacancy will not appear within Featured Vacancies

Setting a Vacancy as a Featured Vacancy

  • Click View - Vacancies - Featured Vacancies from the Eploymenu

  • Click on New on the Eploy tool bar.
  • This will lead to the Featured Vacancy page
  • Vacancy –Use the search bar to locate the existing vacancy – You can search by Title, Reference, Vacancy ID, Company Name or Company ID
  • Click ADD to open a pop up drop down list. This will contain any vacancies that match your search. Select the vacancy from the list and click Apply.

  • Title – You can give the vacancy an alternative title displayed only within the Featured Vacancies panel
  • Alternative Hyperlink (URL) – This option allows you to provide a different URL for the vacancy.
  • Target – When the featured vacancy is selected, you can choose whether it opens in the same or new window.
  • Order Number – If you have multiple Featured Vacancies, you can set the order they are displayed.
  • Display – Needs to be ticked for the vacancy to appear within the Featured Vacancies panel
  • Click Save to confirm this Featured Vacancy

Managing Featured Vacancies

Featured Vacancy configuration records will be listed under the Featured Vacancy tab. Here, you can edit, remove and hide any of the Featured Vacancies you have created;

  • To Delete a Featured vacancy, click into the Featured Vacancy configuration record and click the Delete button. This will NOT delete the vacancy, as the vacancy is a separate record.
  • You can hide a vacancy from “Featured Vacancies” by clicking into the featured vacancy record and deselecting the "Display" check box.
  • You can also edit any of the details of the Featured Vacancy by clicking into the record and amending any of the fields. If the vacancy is displayed, then the changes you make are live and will be reflected online.
  • Press CTRL and F5 on your keyboard to see the latest version of the webpage. 


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