Some Contacts on your database may be Hiring Managers, and therefore require access to the Hiring Manager Portal. To be able to create a Hiring Manager login, a contact record must already exist on your system. A member of your team with User Admin permissions will be able to create a Client account in a similar way to a Standard User account and this is explained in more detail below.

NOTE: If a Client User account cannot be created you may have reached your limit. Please ask your Admin User to contact Eploy Support Team.

Adding a Hiring Manager

Note: If the Hiring Manager is not already an existing contact within the system, the contact record will need to be created and associated to the correct company.

  • Search for the contact record that relates to the Hiring Manager user you are creating by typing the name in the search bar located in the top right hand side of the browser window.


  • Once you have the required record up, click into the Users

  • Once you have clicked into the Users tab, click on New, which will take you to the Insert Users

  • Fill in all the minimum fields that are highlighted above. Enter the user information (the following format is just a suggestion - some fields may be auto completed from the contact record):
  • User Display Name - (<firstname>[space]<surname>)
  • Position - Users Position (same as contact position)
  • User Name - (<firstname>[space]<surname>)
  • Password - Enter a strong Password (it must contain a combination of upper and lower case letters and a number)
  • IMPORTANT – pick Client User from user type.
  • Enter in Email Address and Email Display Name
  • Click Save.
  • Once you have clicked on Save, you will be taken to the User Details Click in to the next tab along which is Client Permissions. Choose the permissions for the manager (you may want to check similar users and replicate their permissions). Please see the permissions document, then click Save.

NOTE: Client (Hiring Manager) permissions may differ for your company, please call us for details.

  • Hiring Managers should now be able to log in.
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