When sending emails through eploy we use one of our mail servers. This means in effect we are cloning your email accounts. So when you send an email to a candidate it will come from

We will also copy your signature so that the candidate does not know that the email has been sent via Eploy.

However, there are 2 potential issues because of this:

  • If the candidates ISP implements SPF record checking then the email may fail. This can be fixed by adding a line to your domain record. For more information please ask us for a copy of our SPF document.
  • Whilst sending to candidates works perfectly fine, if you send emails to internal users such as Hiring Managers then the email may not reach them as it is blocked by your own mail servers as spam as the email has not been sent via it’s normal internal route / servers.

There are 2 potential solutions to this issue.

Whitelisting Eploy’s Mailservers

This easiest way is to add our mail servers to your whitelist as a server that can send emails for your domain name. They are:

  • - IP Address:
  • - IP Address:
  • - IP Address:
  • - IP Address:

This will allow your Hiring Managers to receive emails sent via eploy. We are aware that in many organisations internal policy prevents this. In this instance you should look at the Alternative Domain approach.

Alternative Domain

This provides quite an elegant solution. We would set up a new domain or make use of a spare domain you already have. Chances are one has already been created for your career portal / eploy system.

This may be in the form of “” or a subdomain like “”

The domain name would need to use the following mx records:

  • - Priority 10
  • - Priority 20

For each member of the recruitment team (main admin users) we will set up and host an email account under this new domain. Each mailbox will automatically forward all emails received to the persons main email address i.e. will forward to will forward to

So, when an email is sent to a candidate or hiring manager through eploy it will look as if it sent by (the alternative domain). When the candidate or hiring manager replies, the email will go to their normal email account via the forward.

As the email has come from the alternative domain it will not be blocked for Hiring Managers or Candidates.

However, even with this approach you may need to add our Rackspace mail servers (which are responsible for the forward) to your safe senders list so that replies back to members of the recruitment team from Hiring Managers are not blocked. Most companies are happy to do this as the origin of the email is from a valid source (i.e. the Hiring Manager) but it is being received via an external route to your servers.

The reason is if sends an email to then it forwards to In this scenario the alternative domain effectively does not exist. However, the route the email took is via the Rackspace mail servers and not your internal Exchange (or equivalent) server.

Emails received in this way are routed via “” which should be added as a safe sender.

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