A major part of the recent Eploy Upgrade is the new & improved text editor. This will allow you to easily input your job specs into vacancies, create email text templates and send mail merges.

The main benefit, however, is that the text editor is much more user friendly – even allowing for copy to be pasted in to the text editor.

Note: There are still problems when pasting from certain sources into the text editor. The reason for this is that those sources use non web-friendly formatting & styles, which causes the information to display incorrectly when hosted online.

The new & improved text editor however, deals with non-web friendly merge tags in a much more user friendly fashion. To make the most out of the new editor, follow these steps & best practise ideas:

Pasting from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a fantastic tool for document editing & copy writing – but not all of their styles, formats and fonts are not compatible when then posting that information online.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use copy from Word when using the Eploy text editors however, it just means you need to ensure that the styles selected are suitable to go online.

The best way to ensure this is to apply the formatting within Eploy, rather than within Word. When pasting the text into Eploy, you will now get the option to CLEAN your text:


When you click OK, the editor will try to strip out any non-web compatible formatting and style. However, you will want to check the content, ensuring that the font is set correctly within Eploy, along with the spacing and any other formatting.

If you click Cancel, the content will not be pasted into the editor.

Once the text has been pasted in, you will need to use the formatting tool within Eploy to reapply your fonts, text sizes, italics & so forth. You will also be able to apply any additional bullet points, add hyperlinks, numbered lists and any other standard formatting. Depending on the original formatting of the document, you may also need to remove any double spacing or extra line breaks.

Using Note Pad

Depending on the complexity of formatting within Word, we may not be able to completely remove the non-web friendly formatting. If you find that your templates are still not being displayed & received correctly, even after cleaning within Eploy, you may want to use Note Pad as an intermediate step. By pasting your content into Note Pad first, this will strip out all formatting. You can then copy and paste from here directly into Eploy, before using the tools available within the HTML text editor to apply your formatting.

Avoiding Styles

As the styles used within MS Word are all word specific, it is best to enter all text as No Spacing. Using any other styles, such as Normal, Heading or Emphasis, would mean more HTML tags are added to your text and could lead to the copy displaying incorrectly online.


Using Enter / Command

The Enter key on your keyboard is a really useful tool for adding line breaks into your text. This however, causes problems when working with text in HTML, as in HTML code the Enter Key actually enters a paragraph break. This means that when within Eploy, hitting enter will create a new paragraph, rather than simply adding the text to a new line.

To avoid this, you can use SHIFT + ENTER when working within Eploy. This stops the HTML from creating a paragraph <p> and actually creates a line break <b>.

Learning the basics of HTML will certainly help you to make the most of the online, email & display tools available within Eploy – however, as HTML is a skill in its own right, Eploy are unable to provide support for HTML templates.

In Summary

The best practise technique would always be to construct your emails entirely within the text editor in Eploy – this will help you to achieve the consistency and professionalism that you are looking for in your mail merges. However, if you do need to copy & paste content from third parties such as Microsoft Word, you can follow the steps detailed above. Eploy cannot be held responsible for non-web friendly formatting and styles within the content of your mailshots, so ensuring the content is entered correctly will help you to avoid any confusion and give the right impression to your recipients.

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