Despite Eploy’s tracking tools constantly monitoring for duplicate records on your system, from time to time duplicates can still occur. This can be down to several factors from new email addresses to misspelt names but unfortunately, they are unavoidable.

Therefore, being able to effectively cleanse and manually manage your database is a key aspect of ensuring you are optimising the use of your built-up talent pool. Merging candidate records is a key aspect of this.


Merging records is a permission driven aspect of Eploy which you will need to be granted by an Admin user. For more information, please see the following guide for Standard User Permissions

Identifying Duplicate Candidates

 To merge candidate files, firstly you will need to locate the duplicates to merge. So, the first step is to use the View drop down from the toolbar and select Candidates to view your candidate database.



Once you have all the candidate records to hand, the next step is to filter the duplicate records. to do this, use the Eploy Toolbar and click Reports.


Once on the initial reports menu, use the drop-down list to select Find Duplicates and then click Open.


A pop-up page will load offering you options on by which criteria you wish to filter duplicate records upon. As a standard, this is set to just search via Email addresses, but to further refine the search, you can add additional criteria as required. Adding First Name and Surname to the search usually offers a more comprehensive search.

By clicking on View Count, you can quickly see the number of duplicates within the system based upon the duplicate checking options selected. Once you are content with the resulting record numbers, click Show to load the records in the main window.


Merging the Duplicated Records

The results of the duplicate candidate search will then be displayed in your original candidate window, listed in the order selected in your Sort By drop down, usually, this will be Surname by default.



Click into one of the duplicate records and go to the candidate's Personal tab.


Under the candidates Personal Details section in the Personal tab, Eploy will show you where the possible duplicate is occurring, once again using the criteria specified early in the report builder. You will now be presented with two options; to View or to Merge. To ensure that the record is a duplicate, use the View tool to compare the 2 profiles to prevent any records being merged in error. Once you are confident that the records are the same click Merge.


A pop-up window will then launch, displaying the duplicate records and the duplicate checking options. From here, you will need to select the Master Record. The Master will be the record that remains after the merge has been completed. Always use the record with the most up to date information to be the Master. Eploy will automatically select a Master record and put this first in the pop-up window. If you need to change which record becomes the Master record, use the Select As Master link to swap the records. Once you have decided on the Master, select the records you want to Merge using the tick boxes on the right-hand side, then click Next.


The pop-up window will then display a checklist of all the Information that will be merged during this process. If you DON’T want a particular part of their record merged, simply un-check the selection box next to the description. Once you are happy with the selection click on the Merge Button.


Once you click Merge, you will receive a message confirming you sure you want to delete the duplicate records after merging them (the Master will remain). If you are happy with this, click on OK.


The pop-up screen will load while the duplicate records are being merged together and once completed, the new page will show demonstrating the Merge Results and which information has been successfully merged from one file into the other.




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