As part of Eploy’s workflow automation emails, you now have the option to control the sending email addresses for each template. This gives you greater flexibility in your email marketing campaigns, additional scope to personalise emails, and can allow rejections to be sent from a generic/noreply email address.

To set this up, you need to have the User Permission for Drop Down Lists, and have workflow automation active on your system.

The Sender of the Email

Within the application status / action type / action outcome, you can edit the settings for the workflow automation. Selecting Status Update within the Automatically email candidate after: field, will give you the ability to change the Sender: field.


The options available within the Sender field include:

  • Specified Below – This will allow you to enter a bespoke email address & display text, giving you complete control over the ‘From’ address of this template.
  • Hiring Manager on Vacancy – This will use the email address of the contact on the vacancy, as long as they are also set up as a hiring manager. If the contact is not a hiring manager, the system will default to the first hiring manager assigned to the vacancy.
  • Our Company Email – This is the email address that is used for all of the other system notifications sent by your database. If you want to confirm / change this, please contact Eploy Support.
  • Standard User on Vacancy – This will use the email address of the primary standard user on the vacancy, allowing notifications to be sent from the main user on the role. If there is no standard user assigned to the vacancy, the system will default to the Our Company Email detailed above.
  • User That Modified Application – This will take the email address from the last user to update the application, either hiring manager or standard user.

Once you have made your selection, clicking save will apply the settings immediately.

In Summary

Click Admin – Drop Down Lists.
From the Show Values For drop down, choose Status / Action Type / Action Outcome.
Click into your required status / action / outcome.
Edit the automation settings and set the sender as required.
Click Save to implement changes immediately.

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