Vacancy Templates allow you to manage and control the types of roles that can be requested by Hiring Managers, giving greater focus on the key information and pointing your hiring team in the right direction. These templates will now link directly with Application Screening Forms, meaning that you can raise new roles and automatically have the correct screening template ready to go.

Assigning Application Screening Forms to Vacancy Templates

Within Eploy, you can access View – Vacancies – Templates on the Eploymenu. This will show you all current templates. From here you can allow edit existing templates, as well as being able to create new templates by selecting New on the Eploy tool bar.


To edit an existing template, simply right click (or right click the three dot menu) and select Edit – All.


This will open all the details of the vacancy template, allowing you to make changes as required. As part of the Requirements section, you can edit the tick box that makes this vacancy form a template. When selected, this template will then allow you to determine the application form that is associated with it.


Note – If editing an existing template, any changes made to this field will affect all roles created going forward based on this template. Any roles that have been created whilst the original application form was set will NOT automatically update, so you will need to edit any existing vacancies if the wrong form has been selected.

Once the correct template has been selected, click Save to confirm any changes and apply your chosen Application Screening Form.



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