1.Situational Judgement Tests*

Eploy Discover, the e-forms tool for recruitment, now supports Situational Judgement Testing (SJT). This optional feature can be added to Eploy Discover for organisations who need to add SJTs to their recruitment processes.

As with any Eploy Discover e-form, SJTs can be defined on a per job basis, or used on multiple jobs.


2.View screening forms in the Hiring Manager Portal*

Assessment forms, created with Eploy Discover, can now be displayed to hiring managers via the Hiring Manager Portal. You can choose which forms should be displayed by selecting ‘show to hiring managers’ within the form details.

If you make an assessment visible to hiring managers you can also define whether they have access to grades & scores, statistics, or both.


3.Add Screening Forms to Vacancy Templates*

Now you can add screening forms, created with Eploy Discover, to your job vacancy templates. So, when you raise a new job, the correct screening form is automatically added to its application process.


NEW - Company & Contact Import Tool

Manual data entry has always been a time consuming but necessary task. After collecting new company & client data, entering the information into your database gives you the ability to build your business development pipeline. However, this can take valuable time to process- time that could be better spent on business development and candidate sourcing. With Eploy’s new CSV import tool, you can by-pass the admin & data entry so you can spend more time doing what you are good at – and less time creating new records.


The Company & Contact Import tool will allow you to identify which fields in Eploy you want to import to, before processing your CSV through Eploy and into the database. This allows you to create groups of imported data as you go, meaning you can immediately create follow-up phone calls and add new companies & contacts to your business development pipeline.


NEW - Auto CV Import Plugin*

With Eploy’s new Auto-CV Import Mailbox, you can process CVs in real time, cutting out the administration bottlenecks that can mean missing out on that potential placement.

The Auto-CV Import Mailbox can integrate with your email account, meaning you can set up multiple import folders to automatically process your CVs as they are received. Each folder can be configured to automatically create a candidate or application record, and track the source of your candidates.


This means you don’t have to manually forward to the CV import mailbox or upload individually – simply receive CVs into your normal mailbox and let Eploy do all the work.


Vacancy & Placement Authorisation Process Builder*


We’ve added a whole new way to create vacancy and placement authorisation workflows.

Manage your ‘Sent by’ Email Addresses


As part of Eploy’s workflow automation emails, you now have the option to control the sending email addresses for each template.

This gives you greater flexibility in your email marketing campaigns, additional scope to personalise emails, and can allow rejections to be sent from a generic no-reply email address.

View Group Membership within Candidate / Company / Contact List Views.

You can now add ‘Groups’ to your List & Summary views using the layout builder.

Eploy Dashboards & Metrics - Company Hierarchy filters.

You can now filter based on your company hierarchy. So, your metrics can be filtered to specific business units, groups of businesses, departments or any other ‘branch’ of your organisation hierarchy.


Security and Access Control Enhancements


We’ve added new security features including: password expiry periods, password strength, password recycling prevention and the ability to login with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google accounts.

Standard Hiring Manager, Vendor & Client Portals*


We now have standard, rapidly deployable, Hiring Manager / Client and Vendor Portals. All based on Eploy’s latest portal technology. This means you can add any of these portals to your Eploy platform with minimum disruption.

VIP Tags (Vendor, Internal, Previous employee)*

We’ve made it super easy to identify candidates that are:

  • submitted by an vendor / agency
  • currently employed by your company
  • previously employed by your company

VIP tags appear in both simple and detailed candidate views.


We’ve added a whole stack of new improvements to enhance your recruitment productivity including:

Quick Change Application Status


You can now change the application status within the ‘simple view’, without having to navigate into the application record. To do this, simply ensure that the Application Status is part of your layout and then click the Application Status. This will show a drop down menu, where you can instantly change the status.

Quick Access Applications & Actions


If you need to do more than just change the application status, you can now quickly click into the application record. By showing the application / action dates within the layout, you can click the date to open the application / action record in a preview window, meaning you don’t have to navigate away from the workflow in order to make changes, record notes and change statuses within applications.

Quick View Application Form


As part of the CV section, you can also now quickly view the candidate application form. Selecting the clipboard icon will open the application form in a preview window, allowing you to view all information regarding the applicant, before deciding if you need to download or print the application form.

Quick Register for candidates applying via Job Boards

Candidates can now automatically be redirected to your careers site registration form when they arrive on your site via a Job Board advert. This avoids the candidate having to click twice to apply (once on the job board and once on your careers site. Instead they go straight from the Job Board to your registration page and then straight to the application form for the job they are interested in.

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