Within each assessment form, you can decide if your hiring managers can also see the screening results. This allows for greater flexibility and empowers your hiring managers by giving them all the information that they need to complete the screening stage and progress your applicants.

Showing Results

For the results to be visible in the hiring manager portal, you need to ensure that you have a hiring manager portal is compatible. If you are unsure, please contact Eploy Support who will be happy to help.

Assuming they are compatible, you can then choose to either:

  • Make the assessment template available to hiring managers. This means when it is copied to a vacancy, it will be active as default.


  • Simply make the assessment active within the individual vacancy.

For both methods, you can activate this by going into the form, then clicking Details:


Once you tick Show to Hiring Managers, you can then determine if they have access to Grades & Scores or Statistics, or both.

Then click Save, to give hiring managers access to the results of each screening questions and the analysis behind it.

Note – Giving hiring managers’ access to the application screening form on a vacancy template will not give them access to data for current/ live roles. It will only give them access to data for roles moving forward.

Within the Hiring Manager Portal

Once active and candidates begin to complete the form as they apply, the information will then be visible within the Application Form in the Hiring Manager Portal.



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