Once the template has been set up, you are ready to send e-Signature documents to your clients, contacts or candidates. To do this, all you need to do is go to the recipient record and switch to the files tab. Onboarding Documents are created in the same way, but no notification emails are required to be set.

Note: e-Signature Documents can only be sent individually, due to the unique links required for each document.

On the Eploy toolbar within the files tab, the option for Create e-Signature Documents will be available.

Document Settings

When you click this, you will be able to configure the document to ensure it is ready for signing. The first thing to do is load the required template. If the template is not available, then it may have been configured incorrectly or you are trying to load it from the wrong record type.

Once you have selected the template, the title will be auto-loaded by the template configuration. You can adjust this here, along with the File Type.

Signatory Settings

The settings are also drawn from the template, but will allow you to edit them as required:

  • Candidate / Contact Signee – this will be set by the record that you are creating the document for and cannot be edited here.
  • Ready for Signature – This is the document status. If you are happy to immediately send (after clicking Save) the document, you can set the status to Ready to Sign. When you do this, you will see the cost per send & the remaining credit on your account.

  • Expires in Days - Once sent, the document will only be available to sign within this number of days. This will be determined by the template selected.
  • Convert Signed to PDF – This setting will convert the signed template to a PDF immediately after the recipient has completed it. This ensures that once signed, no further changes are made to the document or content.
  • Save Original Copy – This will allow you to maintain the original document post signing, meaning you will have a signed copy & a non-signed copy.

Email Notifications

This section will allow you to reconfigure the email template that is send along with the document, as well as any reminders or completion notifications. Whilst you are unable to edit the content of the email notification at this point, you are able to populate the Personal Message, which can be used as a merge field within the email notification.

You can then select the required email notifications as follows:

  • Initial Email – this is required to be set as either an existing template or Do Not Send. If you select Do Not Send, the document will not be sent to the recipient.
  • Email for Reminders – This is the template that is sent if the e-Signature document is not completed within the Reminder Period.
  • Email When Complete – This is the email that is sent to the candidate to indicate that they have successfully signed to document and that they have completed their part of the process.
  • Email When Expired – If the document is not completed and the it reaches the expiration date; this email will inform the recipient that the document is no longer available.

Note: The email notifications are often set within the template, so may be auto-selected here. If you do not see the email that you require, you can configure a new notification within Email Templates – e-Signature Notifications.

For onboarding documents, you can set these email notifications to Do Not Send. As part of the onboarding process, candidates will be contacted automatically, so there is no need for additional emails here.

Once you have finished configuring the document, click on Save to send to your recipient. This will then show against the record as Sent for Signing. Once the document has been signed, the status will update and be shown within Files of that record.

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