Within the Merge Fields tab, you can add additional signable merge fields to the document as & when required. To do this, select Merge Field to show a selection of record types and Eploy Modules; within each module are available fields to use as merge tags.

Simply identify the module you require and select the field from the the submenu. This will insert the merge tag into your document.

With the Signable Fields module, you will be able to enter the following merge fields:

  • Signed by – Checkbox Input Field – This merge field is to add a checkbox for the signee to select.
  • Signed by – Date Input Field – This will allow the signee to enter a date.
  • Timestamp – Date & Time – This will timestamp the document once it has been signed.
  • E-Signature field – This is the field required to sign the document and is where the signature will display once signed.
  • Signed By – Person Name – This will merge through the recipient’s name as it is stored on Eploy.
  • Signed By - Record ID - This will pull through the Eploy ID of the recipient and cannot be updated.
  • Signed By - IP Address – This is IP address of the signee when completing the document and cannot be updated.
  • Signed By Document ID – This is the unique ID of the document and cannot be updated.
  • Signed By Text Input Field – This is a free text field for additional information.
  • Timestamp Time Only – This is the time the document was signed.
  • Timestamp TimeZone - This is the time zone in which the document is signed.

To populate your document, simply identify the field you need, place the cursor as required and then select the field from the list.

Field Properties & Formatting

Some of these merge tags are fairly long, so can look out of place once inserted into the document – i.e. your merge field may wrap depending on your formatting. To resolve this, you can right click the merge field and change the merge field Text. This will change how the merge field is shown on the template and allow you to confirm your layout.

Note: When changing the field properties, you need to ensure that the Name of the field is NOT amended – only the field Text should be changed as this is how the field is displayed only.

For example, you may wish to update the text as follows: «doc_Candidate_MyFieldName_signature» to «Signature». This will then be visible when viewing the unsigned copy of the document. As long as the «» is maintained, you can change the text as required.

Once the merge fields have been inserted, you can finish managing the document and use the save features to Save & Close once complete.

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