e-Signature Notifications are the emails that accompany any signable documentation that are sent through Eploy. As you are unable to edit the content of the emails when sending and the reminders are automatic, it is imperative that you set up the e-Signature notifications correctly.

To begin configuring e-Signature Notifications, you can access this within Admin – Email Templates – e-Signature Notifications.

This will allow you to see the existing available e-Signature notifications or create new ones. Due to the content and available merge field options available, you will need to ensure that you have different templates for merging to Candidate, Company or Placements.

To edit, simply click into the title of the notification or click New to create a new template.

New e-Signature Notification Templates

After clicking New, the first thing to set it the Merge To. This is who the intended recipient of the email is and cannot be changed once set. If this is set incorrectly at this stage, you will need to create a new template in order to change it. The options include Candidates, Companies and Placements.

Once you have set the merge to and click Next, you will then be able set the configuration of the template:

  • Title – This is the internal title and will be visible to users only.
  • Subject – This is the subject of the email sent and will be visible to the recipient.
  • Sends During – This allows you to identify which stage of the reminder process this template is available – Initial, Reminder, Signed or Expired.
  • Correspondence Type – Allows you to log the email as a specific correspondence type, for reporting & searching purposes
  • Sender – This is the email address that the email will be sent from. If this is left blank, the email will be from so we would recommend changing this to a mailbox that you can monitor for replies.
  • Sender Display Text – This will allow you set the display name that the email appears from.
  • Allow users to select this template for emails – This checkbox will make the template active or inactive. Inactive templates will not be available for selection so allows you to archive historic templates.
  • Order ID – This is the order of the listed templates, allowing you to promote certain emails if required.
  • Insert Merge Fields / Custom Fields – These two drop down lists will allow you to draw information from the recipient record – i.e Candidates First Name.

Note: To use the fields, click into the template content and place cursor where required. Simply then select the option from the list and click +.

  • Attach Files / Image Files – These options will allow you to attach any documentation or embed images into the template content. Simply upload the image / file as required. For images, you will then be able to Insert into the document.
  • Template Content – This is the body of the email and will allow you to type into as required.

As part of the template, you need to enter the document details, using the Document Merge Fields. The options available File Name, Link Core System & Link Company Website.

Once you have configured the template, click Save to confirm. This template would then be available within the e-Signature Configuration.

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